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Practice Skins


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At Magnum we offer an extensive range of products that are designed to enhance your tattooing experience. We offer you access to the best quality products for optimum results and tattoo practise skins are just one of the many products available for beginners and experienced artists who wish to master techniques and perfect their craft.

We offer a range of practise skins for tattooing that are perfect for trying out new techniques, needles or machines. We offer plain practise skins and ones with pre drawn designs and due to the quality and thickness of the skins, both sides can be utilised. The skins are flexible and offer a realistic material on which to work on and the results are almost identical to those produced on human skin.

Experienced and beginner tattooists use tattoo practise skins to ensure that when trying out new techniques or new machines they can still achieve the desired finish. Tattooing evolves as new products and techniques are developed and these skins are the ideal material for a practice run as they can simply be disposed of afterwards.

All tattoo artists should have their own stock of practise skins for tattooing to ensure that if their machines are faulty they can test the result and not run the risk of creating a tattoo that is flawed. A stock of skins can also be kept for creating designs that can be used as a portfolio, especially if tattooists are new or starting out.

We only offer premium quality skins and tattoo products and all our stock is designed to offer optimum results for tattoo artists and tattoo recipients.