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Reelskin Tattoo Practice Hand

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ReelSkin Synthetic Practice limbs are the most most realistic tattoo practice limbs on the market. They are ideal for tattoo apprentices who are developing their skills.  They're also ideal for established artists to display their work on a more life-like support. The practice hand is hand-made, and can be tattooed all over.

ReelSkin is committed to providing tattoo and permanent make-up artists with the most realistic tattoo practice products around. Not only does ReelSkin feel just like real skin, but it even stretches just like it, which means that you can work on it exactly like you would real skin, using and practicing any technique you like. ReelSkin has also been designed so that you can apply stencil fluid to it without it staying wet, and it can also be wiped clean without leaving any smudges or ink stains, unlike many other practice skins and limbs so you'll always end up with a nice and clean tattoo.