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A4 Ultra Thin Light Box

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£32.99 inc. VAT
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This tracing light pad offers a remarkable combination of features that make it incredibly convenient and user-friendly. Its ultra-thin and lightweight design ensures that it can be effortlessly transported wherever you go, ensuring you always have it on hand.

Featuring a sleek and efficient light-up pad, this device effectively illuminates images through the paper, making the tracing process simple and precise. The clarity of the illuminated images greatly enhances the tracing experience.

One of the standout features of this light pad is its touch switch design. Operating the pad is as easy as touching it; a simple touch allows you to turn the light box on or off, providing quick and hassle-free control.

Furthermore, the adjustable brightness feature adds to its versatility. By tapping the power button you can quickly easily customize the brightness to suit your specific needs. This ensures optimal visibility and comfort during use.

Includes: Light Box, UK plug, USB cable