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X-pressions Liquid Swabs

Piercing Aftercare

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We stock several Tattoo Goo aftercare products, all of which help to preserve the colour and quality of tattoos. They also ensure the healing process is completed as quickly, painlessly and hygienically as possible. From Tattoo Goo's aftercare salve to Tattoo Goo care kits, you will find everything you need here to increase tattoo longevity and encourage proper healing.

Tattoo Goo aftercare tattoo soap has been specially developed to gently cleanse new tattoos and piercings, while helping to combat against infection and bacterial growth. Plus, Tattoo Goo products are made with a unique combination of vitamins, moisturisers and healthy ingredients, which makes them ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Artists can encourage those who are newly tattooed to look after their artwork by offering a complete range of salve and aftercare products. They can also encourage them to use tattoo soap and other specialised products to speed up and ensure a satisfactory healing process. Colour lotion is also an exceptionally useful product for any artist to have on hand as tattoos should always be protected from the sun in order to help them retain their vibrant colours. The Tattoo Goo colour lotion has an SPF of 30 and UV/UVA inhibitors that protect tattoos against fading and the moisturising ingredients enhance the artworks colour. Artists can encourage those with existing tattoos to use a sun protection stick to ensure their work retains it quality and is protected against sun damage.

We offer an extensive range of aftercare products of the finest quality and at extremely competitive prices. By stocking a full range of aftercare products you can add an extra dimension to your business and offer clients proven formulas that will improve tattoo longevity and ensure hygienic healing.