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ArtDriver Tattoo Machine S-Power - Black Matte

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***Some styles are ordered in from the manufacturer and may take up to 7 days before we can dispatch to you.  Please get in touch to check availability***

The S-Power Tattoo Machine from ArtDriver allows you to produce solid colours and lines with absolute precision. This machine combines ArtDriver's exclusive technology with a high quality maxon motor. This rotary is the perfect tool for artists that want a machine powerful, precise and relaxed.

Thanks to it’s spiral design, the precision of the hit is maintained and the twist-bar contracts on it’s own axis and pushes itself to it’s original form. This exclusive and patented system gives huge control of the stroke, and a coil machine sensation.

Years of development from ArtDriver has resulted them being able to produce machines with a stabilised movement that passes the power from the motor to the needle without power loss and with a precise and comfortable hit. This is accomplished thanks to the use of SKF bearings of the highest quality and durability. The maxon motor is modified exclusively for ArtDriver machines, The magnetic field allows the motor to move without friction, giving it a longer durability.  These machines are built to last. 

The bio-mechanical designs are available in a variety of striking colours and finishes. 

• Weight 68 gr.

• Recommended voltage 8.5V to 12V.

• Three travel options 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 3.8mm *

• Two rigid bar and twist bar options.

• 16.1mm universal thread closure.

• Maxon motor (5W, 12,000rpm).

• Customized brushless.

• ABS chassis with polycarbonate.

• Eccentric Zero-G
with SKF bearing.

Grip/Vice piece sold separately 
ArtDriver Stainless Steel Grip
True Gent Screw-On Disposable Grip