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Bactine Max Advanced Healing Hydrogel (0.75oz)

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Bactine™ Max Advanced Healing + Scar Defense Hydrogel offers comprehensive care for minor wounds, protecting the skin and minimizing scar appearance. By accelerating cell growth and forming a protective moisture barrier, it aids in skin healing and reduces scarring.

In tattoo aftercare, the advanced Bactine Hydrogel promotes optimal skin recovery by expediting wound closure and enhancing cell regeneration. It is free from antibiotics, steroids, fragrances, and other potentially irritating ingredients, providing a lanolin-free solution for tattoo aftercare.

Formulated to create a moisture-rich shield, Bactine MAX Advanced Healing Hydrogel defends against infection-causing germs, making it an essential part of post-tattoo care. Apply a thin layer post-removal of the Derm shield to prevent skin infection and promote healing.

Easy to apply, simply squeeze the tube and smooth the hydrogel onto your tattoo. Unlike traditional tattoo balms, this product operates quickly to prevent scarring and minimize skin irritation during healing.