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Box of 50 Kwadron Needles - Long Taper (0.35mm)

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Discover the unparalleled quality of Kwadron tattoo needles, the preferred choice of professional tattoo artists worldwide.

Our Kwadron needles stand out as best-in-class, delivering exceptional performance that surpasses many other brands. Each needle configuration features razor-sharp, flexible, long-taper needles crafted with enhanced strength and precision.

Unlike 90% of the needles on the market, which are often made from soft steel that bends and deforms easily, Kwadron needles are made with superior materials and craftsmanship. Common needles suffer from poor soldering and high friction, leading to a loss of sharpness, metal shavings, and potential health risks. These deficiencies result in subpar tattoo outcomes and prolonged healing times.

In contrast, Kwadron needles are expertly configured and soldered, ensuring each needle in every box maintains consistent sharpness and quality. The precisely grouped needles provide comfort and help achieve outstanding tattoo results.

Renowned tattoo artists trust the quality and reliability of Kwadron needles. Join the professionals who rely on Kwadron for their craft. Experience the difference with Kwadron tattoo needles today.