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Cheyenne Sol Terra Machine - Black

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    Setting a new standard for angled tattoo machines, the Cheyenne SOL Terra brings an unrivalled new tattooing experience thanks to the all-new, innovative SensiDrive® technology. Featuring a 4mm stroke length and a Hard or Sensi setting, the Cheyenne SOL Terra is sure to be your go-to machine for saturated lines and colour packing all sorts of designs.

    This new Cheyenne patented technology offers two - completely different feel – settings, Hard and Sensi. Some artists have described the Sensi setting as like a traditional coil machine but with the Cheyenne SOL Terra set on the Hard setting, it’s been described as one of the greatest lining machines ever made!

    Featuring a 4mm stroke length, the SOL Terra will be a leading machine for beautifully saturated lines and immense colour packing. It can operate from 25 cycles per second (Hertz) in the lower frequency range up to a mega 150 cycles per second all while providing a smooth, quiet experience with low vibrations.

    Overall, the Cheyenne SOL Terra machine lets you control the motor through different settings, while the tattoo application remains powerful and gentle on the skin. The results bring extremely precise tattoos, reduced pain during the tattoo, as well as a faster healing process.


    • Cheyenne SensiDrive® technology
    • Brushless DC motor
    • 2 motor-control algorithms
    • 4mm stroke length
    • Nominal voltage: 5 to 12.6 V
    • Operating frequency: 25 -150 Hz
    • Power input: 3W
    • 85 grams in weight (without grip)
    • Dimensions : 36mm, 94.2mm x 57.5mm
    • 3.5mm jack connection
    • Perfect for lining and colour packing
    • Powerful, vibration-free tattoo machine
    • SOL Luna and Terra are Cheyenne‘s quietest tattoo machines
    • Long-lasting and easy to clean anodization
    • The usual High-quality Cheyenne workmanship
    • Made in Berlin, Germany.

      Cheyenne Sol Grips

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