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Dynamic Mixing Solution 120ml (4oz)

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Dynamic Color's 00 Mixing Solution is expertly formulated to assist in blending and diluting Dynamic Inks for a variety of washes. Crafted with hospital-grade water, meticulously filtered, distilled, and treated with UV light in a specialized facility, this solution maintains unparalleled purity.

Enriched with witch hazel, it not only enhances the smoothness of your tattooing process but also ensures a soothing experience for your clients.


  • Facilitates effortless mixing and thinning of Dynamic Inks for versatile washes
  • Utilizes hospital-grade water for exceptional purity
  • Undergoes rigorous filtration, distillation, and UV treatment for quality assurance
  • Enriched with witch hazel to enhance work smoothness
  • Provides a comforting experience for clients