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Ink-Out Tattoo Ink Cleaner

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Ink-Out Tattoo Ink Cleaner is ideal for use in your tattoo studio. Removing ink and debris from tips, grips, tube and other instruments can be very tricky. With this specially formulated solution, it can be done safely and quickly. It is designed for use with an ultrasonic cleaning unit and ensures that your equipment is always clean and safe for use. It superior formula rapidly removes all colour inks from tattoo tubes and accessories. This cleaning product is environmentally friendly and helps to cut down on the use of harsh, damaging chemicals. Ink-Out's unique blend of biodegradable surfactants offer high cleaning performance without glycol ethers or other hazardous petroleum based solvents.

This is very unusual in a product that offers such reliable and effective cleaning performance every time. Due to this gentle formula you will not have to worry about any unpleasant odours or strong fumes when using it. This can sometimes be an issue for artists and clients who may suffer with asthma as some cleaning products can easily trigger off symptoms that cause them breathing difficulties. By choosing Ink-Out, you are making a responsible decision to protect the environment as well as those working and visiting your tattoo studio.