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Inked Army Vaselinum (1000ml)

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Neutrum-  is used during the tattoo process to keep the skin supple and to remove any excess colour easily and gently.

Inked Army's Vaselinum can also be used as an after care.

Vaselinum Calendula - Relaxes stressed skin & boosts the regeneration process. Prevents the skin from irritation and dehydrating. It is perfect for aftercare of fresh tattoos.

Vaselinum Aloe - Moisturises the skin to support resistance of the tissue and making it more elastic for both during tattoo sessions and also for aftercare.

Vaselinum Eucalyptus - Cools & soothes the skin making tattoo sessions smoother for the client. Anti-inflammatory ingredients support wound healing.

100% Vegan and all-natural.

Available in 1000ml