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MAST UV Tattoo Machine Sterilizer

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Designed with portability in mind, our UV+UVC Light Sterilization Box boasts compact dimensions of 22cm * 9.2cm * 5.8cm. Featuring advanced UV disinfection technology with a remarkable 99.99% germicidal rate, it effectively eliminates various microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, branching bacteria, fungi, Rickettsia, and mycoplasma.

Strategically positioned throughout the box are multiple UV light ports, ensuring thorough sterilization. Each UV lamp emits 20,000uW/cm2 radiation illumination, utilizing UVA dual wavelengths to eradicate bacteria within a swift 240 seconds.

With auto-off protection, the Mast Sterilization Box prioritizes safety. Simply press the ON button, and a 240-second countdown begins. If the lid is accidentally opened during the process, the sterilization operation halts automatically to prevent human exposure, providing peace of mind for both artists and clients.

Rest easy knowing our Sterilization Box holds international certifications, including CE, FC, RoHS, and recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency of the US.

Incorporated is a flexible holder design, catering to tattoo pen machines of various sizes. The well-thought-out space layout allows for effective sterilization, accommodating machines with diameters ranging from 22mm to 34mm and 18mm to 22mm, ensuring the health and safety of your tattoo business.

Embrace the simplicity of this design – easy to use, with a sleek pearl white appearance. Elevate your sterilization practices with the Mast UV Sterilization Box.