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Nuva Colors - Lip Collection Set (8 x 15ml)

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£187.99 inc. VAT
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Introducing the Lip Collection, featuring essential reds and pinks for lip applications. Use a modifier like Light Peony for added warmth and precision.

This set includes:

  • 150 Vampy
  • 165 Maroon
  • 180 Lipstick Red
  • 185 Sundried Tomato
  • 200 Wild Pink
  • 205 Crushed Berries
  • 210 Rose Pink
  • 235 Light Peony

Nuva Colors offers pigments for permanent makeup, delivering vibrant, long-lasting results and smooth application. Our diverse palette and pigment types allow endless creativity. Layer pigments for precise control and unique effects.

Safety, quality, and value are paramount with Nuva Colors. Compliant with REACH and EU guidelines, our pigments are cost-effective and produce stunning results, making them the ideal choice for professionals.