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Sunskin Small V Evolution Iron Liner

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This is a smaller option when it comes to coil machines, but that is one of the things that makes it such a popular option. This particular machine is fashioned as a fusion, between the popular big v machines produced by Sunskin, and the style of the Round Back Jones machines.

This machine has been redesigned with all of the most important features revisited to ensure that the dimensions and weight are reduced as much as possible, with the aim having been to improve the balance of the machine. This is not just a simple variation of the Big V designs, but rather the next evolutionary stage of coil tattoo machines.

The machine is a reliable and effective option, offering 10% faster output, as well as being more precise in their output. This is thanks to the compact frame than the optimization of the machine's components. As you would expect the machine features many of the same materials and components as the others, with the same excellent care and quality of material and product going into the machines; they are still produced from a single piece of metal, which is in this case an iron covered brass, which ensures an attractive finish but light and durable frame.