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Try our MTS Premium Cartridges - Sample Pack

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The long-awaited MTS Premium Grade Tattoo Needle Cartridges have arrived. Designed to meet the highest of technical specifications, the MTS cartridges offer guaranteed precision and control. They're fitted with the all-important safety membrane that prevents any ink, blood or other fluids going up to your machine. These cartridges are colour-coded so you can tell the different configurations apart quickly and easily.  

Each box contains 10 individually wrapped sterile needle cartridges.

Standard (10) Micro needle diameter: 0.30mm

Standard (12) Micro needle diamater: 0.35mm

Bugpin (08) Micro needle diameter: 0.25mm

Sample Pack contains: 
2 x 0809RL
2 x 1215RM
2 x 1003RL
2 x 1209RS
2 x 1215M1