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Wipe Outz™ OG Black Tattoo Towels (Dry)

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Enhance your clients' comfort with Wipe Outz OG dry tattoo towels, ensuring a superior experience. These towels are not only sterilized and durable, but also boast a remarkable softness surpassing traditional paper towels, preventing skin irritation for optimal tattoo healing.

Achieve smoother tattooing without needle clogs. Crafted from premium 100% rayon, each Wipe Outz OG towel guarantees impeccable performance. Bid farewell to lint or paper residues, safeguarding you from bothersome needle clogs during tattoo sessions.

"Feel the distinction!" — Mike DeVries

Technical Advantages:

  • Sterilized for tattoo use
  • Eliminates paper residue and needle clogs
  • Lint-free and tear-resistant
  • Exceptional absorbency and durability
  • Minimized irritation and redness
  • Biodegradable and vegan-friendly

Pack of 10 Black Dry Wipes