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Mountain tattoo designs to scale new heights this summer


With the summer season in full swing, many of us are looking for ways to express our adventurous spirit and show off our unique style. For those who are seeking a truly special way to make their mark, mountain tattoos offer an awe-inspiring option. From minimalistic tiny tattoo designs to full-colour pieces, these breathtaking works of art can be tailored to fit any individual’s personal style and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you’re drawn to the symbolism behind mountains or simply appreciate their beauty, there is something for everyone in this selection of stunning mountain tattoo designs.

In this blog, we will explore the captivating world of mountain tattoos! From their symbolism to various styles and design options, we will delve into why they remain such a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. Don't forget to shop tattoo aftercare today to protect new artwork!

What do mountain tattoos symbolise?

The majestic mountains have long been seen as symbols of strength, perseverance, and courage. To many cultures around the world, mountains are sacred places that represent a connection to something greater than ourselves.


Large mountain tattoo design on leg


To honour this symbolism, many choose to get a mountain tattoo as a reminder of the power and beauty of nature. Mountain tattoos also act as an expression of personal goals and ambitions, encouraging us to reach for higher heights despite any obstacles we may face along the way.

Most popular mountain tattoo styles

Mountain tattoos come in many shapes and sizes, offering endless possibilities for those who are looking to capture the beauty of these natural wonders. From traditional black ink designs to full-colour pieces, there is something for everyone when it comes to creating the perfect mountain tattoo.

Minimalist mountain tattoos

A minimalist mountain tattoo is a great way to capture the essence of mountains in a compact and stylish way. These designs often feature simple, clean lines that create stunning silhouettes of towering mountain peaks. Dot work can also be added to a minimalist mountain tattoo to add extra depth and texture to the design.


Minimalist mountain tattoo design


A tiny mountain tattoo looks great in the minimalistic style and is perfect for anyone looking for a more subtle and unobtrusive design. These mini-tattoos can be easily hidden under clothing or makeup when desired, while still conveying the powerful symbolism behind mountains.

Abstract mountain tattoos

For those who want a truly unique piece, an abstract mountain tattoo might be the way to go. These designs often incorporate bright colours and some geometric elements to create colourful, surreal landscapes that stand out from traditional designs.

Geometric mountain tattoos

Geometric mountain tattoos are a popular choice for those who want to pay homage to the great outdoors. These designs feature bold lines and shapes that intersect to create mountains, valleys, and other awe-inspiring scenes. The beauty of these designs lies in their unique ability to blend traditional tattoo elements with nature-inspired imagery.

Watercolour mountain tattoos

Watercolour tattoos are a beautiful way to bring a touch of colour and life to the mountains. These designs often feature soft gradients, giving them a dreamlike look that creates an instant impact. Watercolour mountain tattoos can be combined with traditional black ink to create a stunning contrast that captures the beauty of nature in an unforgettable way.

For the perfect tones, why not try Fuji Mountain Mixing White from World Famous Tattoo Ink.

Mountain tattoo ideas

The possibilities for mountain tattoo designs are virtually endless, so it's important to let your imagination run wild when it comes to creating the perfect piece of body art! Mountain tattoos tend to be a triangular design, but don't let this limit you.

Don't be afraid to include other elements into the design. Adding trees, a rising sun, and other mountain scenery can help make the entire image look complete.


Mountain tattoo design in colour

Mountain and moon tattoo designs are also very popular and make for an eye-catching combination. They often create a powerful and enchanting visual representation of our deep connection with nature and the mystical elements of the universe.

Some people opt for designs that include their favourite mountain range or mountains that they have personally climbed. Others, prefer the symbolic aspect and opt for a simple mountain tattoo combined with an inspirational message or quote.

Why you should get a tattoo of mountains this summer

A creative mountain tattoo can be a great way to showcase your adventurous side without having to leave the comfort of your home. Speak with your tattoo artist and choose a design that speaks to you and adds a personal touch to your unique style. From minimalist mountain tattoo designs to full-colour pieces, the sky is the limit!

If you love the mountains, tattoo them onto your body to keep them close. Simple mountain tattoos are a beautiful way to express your connection to nature and the power of perseverance. With so many stunning design options, you're sure to find one that resonates with you and helps you scale new heights this summer! Don't forget to always protect your new artwork with a professional tattoo care product such as MTS Tattoo Balm.


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  • Sarah Crookes