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8 best tattoo designs that scream badass


Are you feeling stuck with mainstream tattoos that don't embody your true badass spirit? Tired of seeing the same designs that lack the punch your personality packs? Let's change that.

We've compiled a list of 8 phenomenal tattoos that shout "badass" - an audacious expression of your bold character. No more settling for the mundane; it's time for your tattoos to make a statement as fierce as you are.

Choosing a badass tattoo design

When it comes to self-expression through tattoos, the design chosen plays a pivotal role. Selecting a "badass" permanent tattoo design, in particular, encapsulates more than just a rebellious or tough spirit, it also suggests confidence, individuality, and strength.


Tattooed Muscular Man


This choice involves careful consideration of aesthetics, personal resonance, and symbolism. For a tattoo to be genuinely badass, it should align with the individual's identity and personal narrative, extending beyond mere visual appeal. It is this personal connection that takes a design from simply being a pretty picture to being a powerful statement of self.

The design may depict a significant life event, symbolise a personal philosophy, or capture an essential aspect of the individual's personality. What may appear badass to one person could have a completely different meaning to another. It is this variety and depth of personal significance that underscores the badassery of the design.

8 incredible designs for badass tattoos

Dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoos have long held a prominent place in body art, favoured for their symbolism of strength, power, and wisdom. This mythology-infused creature, a paragon of grandeur and might, offers a versatile canvas for artistic expression.

From intricate Asian-style designs, distinguished by their serpentine bodies and distinctive details, to Western interpretations that often feature a more dinosaur-like form, dragon tattoos can be adapted to suit individual tastes. These intricate designs demand the highest quality tattoo ink to ensure your dragon's grandeur is captured in all its glory. And don't forget, good tattoo aftercare is essential to keep your dragon looking as badass as the day you got it.

Bull skull tattoo

Bull Skull tattoos are another favourite choice for those seeking a badass tattoo design. Loaded with rugged masculinity, these tattoos symbolise strength, resilience, and determination, which resonate with many men.

Bull skulls hold significant meanings in various cultures. For instance, in some Native American traditions, the bull skull is believed to offer protection from natural elements. In contrast, in the context of the American West, it symbolises the hardy spirit of the Western frontier.

The back, due to its broad canvas, serves as an ideal location for a bull skull tattoo. When rendered in a large size on the back, a bull skull tattoo creates a compelling and visually striking design that embodies the essence of being badass.

Rose tattoo

Rose tattoos, while often associated with delicate beauty and love, carry many symbolic meanings that extend far beyond these traditional associations. They can represent balance, promise, hope, and new beginnings.

The iconic rose, with its stunning petals and thorny stem, embodies the complexities and contrasts of life - the beauty and the challenges. These designs can be tailored to various styles and placements, making them versatile and universally appealing. 


rose tattoo

Ram skull tattoo

The Ram Skull tattoo is a compelling choice for men seeking badass tattoo designs. Symbolic of vigour, resilience, leadership, and determination, the ram is considered a potent masculine emblem. The most distinctive feature of this design is the ram's curved horns, creating a strong visual impact when tattooed. Ideal for those who identify with these robust qualities or for those born under the Aries zodiac sign, the Ram Skull tattoo design serves as a powerful testament to one's strength and tenacity, truly embodying the essence of a badass tattoo.

Tiger tattoo

Tiger tattoos have a unique allure that transcends trends, resonating deeply in fashion, art, and body art. The tiger is a potent symbol embodying a variety of meanings: it represents rarity and endangerment, reflecting the real-world plight of these majestic creatures.

At the same time, it signifies deadly power and predatory prowess, capturing the essence of fierceness and bravery. Additionally, tigers are known for their maternal and protective instincts, adding another layer of symbolism. Beauty, a love for nature, danger, loyalty, and leadership are further associated with tiger tattoos. With their stunning visual appeal and deep symbolic resonance, tiger tattoos are powerful expressions of individual strength, courage, and tenacity, solidifying their position among the top badass tattoo designs.

Fusion tattoo

This tattoo features an ultimate form of creative expression in body art, making them a truly badass tattoo design. These innovative designs merge two or three disparate objects or elements into a cohesive, singular form. This requires a skilled tattoo artist with experience in fusion design, as the complexity of these tattoos can present a challenging task.

From combining personal favourite symbols to incorporating various artistic styles, the possibilities with fusion tattoos are nearly limitless. Given their typically larger scale to accommodate the amalgamation of elements, they are best suited for expansive areas like the chest or back. With a fusion tattoo, one can create a truly unique and personal statement, displaying an avant-garde approach to the art of tattoos.

Biomechanical tattoo

If you're contemplating a badass neck tattoo or arm tattoo, why not consider the intriguing world of biomechanical designs? These tattoo designs are a fascinating fusion of human anatomy and mechanical elements, designed to appear as if machinery is embedded within the skin. Typically created freehand to adapt to the individual's unique body contours, these designs have gained significant popularity in recent years.

Beyond mere robotic elements, biomechanical tattoos incorporate an array of captivating elements, creating designs that are as diverse as they are striking. They can be rendered in a wide spectrum of colours, each adding a different dimension to the design. Given their intricate nature and the need for a flowing design, the forearm is an ideal canvas for a biomechanical tattoo, allowing the complex machinery-inspired design to be displayed in all its badass glory.

Lion tattoo

Lion tattoos are a stunning choice that exudes an undeniable sense of power and majesty, especially for a sleeve tattoo. This regal beast symbolises various characteristics, including strength, courage, love, balance, family, transformation, guardianship, wisdom, hope, and power. Historically, lions were kept by kings and royalty as a symbol of their power and prestige.


lion tattoo


This association extends to various cultures and belief systems. In Roman mythology, lions are associated with love; in Egyptian culture, they symbolise balance. Among Christians, the lion is often viewed as a symbol of protection and divine power. In Chinese culture, lion tattoos convey guardianship, good luck, and power.

And remember, the quality of your ink is just as crucial as the design itself. Try the 1oz World Famous Ink - available in all colours, perfect for bringing your fierce lion tattoo to life with unmatched vibrancy and durability.

Ready to ink your inner badass

In body art, some tattoos transcend mere aesthetics and truly embody the essence of badassery. These best badass tattoo ideas, with their bold designs and symbolic imagery, can scream strength and fearlessness. From intricate skulls and fiery dragons to fierce animals and meaningful quotes, the best badass tattoos serve as a visual representation of one's unyielding spirit and defiance of societal norms.

Planning to ink your inner badass? Don't forget to care for your new piece of art with MTS Tattoo Balm. Keep your tattoo looking as bold and fierce as your spirit. After all, your tattoo tells your unique story, so ensure it stays vibrant and fresh with our top-notch tattoo aftercare.

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