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Inkspiration — tattoo design


Anchor tattoo meanings: Why people choose this timeless symbol 0

Choosing an anchor tattoo often goes beyond just loving the design—it’s about connecting to the deeper meanings it represents, like stability, hope, and resilience. However, understanding the varied and rich symbolism behind this timeless symbol can be overwhelming. Many struggle to find a design that feels both unique and true to their personal story.

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Stay ink-spired: Instagram's best tattoo inspiration of the week 0

Welcome to another exciting edition of our top picks for Instagram's best tattoo inspiration of the week. As the inked community on Instagram continues to flourish, the world is treated to a constant influx of breathtaking tattoos that push the boundaries of artistry and self-expression.

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Ink-credibly useful: the genius of practical tattoos 0

We all want to express ourselves through tattoos, but often the designs we choose are purely decorative with no practical purpose. Wouldn't it be great if you could get a tattoo that not only looked good, but also provided some kind of benefit or served a specific purpose?

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Unleash your wild side with realistic animal tattoos 0

Animal tattoos have been a popular choice for many tattoo lovers throughout the years. From stylised designs to highly realistic renditions, animal tattoos express a love and connection with nature.

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How to create flower tattoos that are blooming brilliant 0

Are your clients requesting the same basic flower tattoo designs time and time again? While an iconically timeless tattoo subject, you might be getting a little bored of creating the same-old floral tattoo art.

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