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Superb Snowman Tattoos | Dynamic Heavy White 0

It’s officially only a couple of weeks until Christmas. The festive season is finally upon us and if we’re lucky enough then this year may be a white Christmas. A snow filled Christmas day is always magical. A brilliant white sheet of glistening snow that stretches across towns and fields is the most picturesque aspect of Christmas, and of course with snow comes snowmen! 

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Paul Davies - 8oz Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink 0

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for October goes to an incredible tattoo artist, Paul Davies, better known as @paulokink on his Instagram page.   Paul is one of the more recent artists to join the Magnum team, and we're huge fans of his brilliant work.  Paul originally studied Fine Art at University, but quickly fell into tattooing.  In 2009 he started doing hand poked tattooing in a variety of styles, then began focusing on geometric designs, merging them with other styles he'd enjoyed in his earlier career. 

Super-cute Squirrel Tattoos | Black and Grey Tattoo Ink 0

A beautiful Autumnal animal that’s a lot easier to spot now the leaves are falling off the trees is the Squirrel. Although squirrels aren’t technically a hibernating animal, they do love to sleep a lot during the winter months, so you may find them stocking up on food supplies in the coming weeks! They’re a wonderful subject matter for tattoos as their tones range from red to orange to brown, and of course there are the notorious grey squirrels (perfect for fans of black and grey tattoo ink!).

The most painful parts of the body to get tattooed? | buy Bactine for tattoos 0

Pain is a relative and personal concept. Everyone experiences pain differently, and it’s completely impossible to experience someone else’s pain. Pain can only be described with words, and by likening the pain to another experience of pain, which again is completely personal. We can tell when someone is in pain, only by physical cues that they make, such as wincing, crying, screaming, or holding and grasping at the affected body part.  Again though, this is the only real indicator we have of someone else's pain.  We can't know exactly what they're experiencing as it's impossible for us to have a physical experience that's independent from ourselves.   

Brilliant Barbie Tattoos | Radiant Tattoo Ink in LA pink 0

Barbie, the blonde and beautiful plastic toy doll is one of those characters that so many of us loved when we were younger. There was a never ending array of different style Barbie dolls out there, that no matter what you were into as a kid, there was always that one special Barbie that represented your personality and interests perfectly. (The Camper Van Barbie was a personal favourite!). There was even a Tattoo themed Barbie (for the more rebellious type). 

More Facts and Stats about Tattoos | Best Tattoo Supplies Online 0

We love reading about anything tattoo related, especially when it comes to interesting facts and figures about tattoos. A while ago we looked at some weird and wonderful facts about tattoos that featured a lot of historical and early facts about tattooing. We’ve now found some fun facts and stats that focus mainly on recent UK tattoo culture, along with some other interesting bits of information thrown in there for good measure!