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MTS Blog — tattoo conventions


The History and Future of Tattoo Conventions 0

Tattoo conventions are one way tattoo artists can get together to share tattoo techniques, ideas, and designs. They also allow tattoo enthusiasts the opportunity to see a wide variety of tattooing styles first hand and meet the tattooists that created them.

Now that vaccines are available in the majority of countries, the world has begun to reopen with the addition of new rules and preventative measures, allowing the world to take larger strides toward normalcy.

Tattoo Conventions worth checking out | Tattoo Studio Supplies 0

Something that many artists and tattoo fans alike look forward to each year are Tattoo Conventions. There are over 400 Tattoo Conventions held annually worldwide, so there's plenty of choice when it comes to deciding which convention to work at, or to visit! Of course, some conventions are invite only due to the high standard of work the convention wants to exhibit, so it's not always possibly to get on to all conventions, but for many tattoo shows, it's a case of applying early to ensure a place.