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MTS Blog — tattoo practice skins


What You Should Know About Tattoo Blowout 0

Tattoo blowouts are an unwanted side effect of poor technique that can be a source of frustration for both tattoo artists and clients. The final result is usually a distorted tattoo with blurry lines and a smudged appearance.

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Reelskin - Synthetic Tattooable Skin for Apprentices | Buy Reelskin online 0

Being a tattoo apprentice can be extremely challenging, especially in the early days of your career before the nerve wracking day when you're finally able to put needle to actual skin. That's why there are plenty of synthetic tattoo skins on the market to help with the tattoo learning process, giving apprentices the perfect opportunity to learn on life-like skin.  This creates the most true to life experience as possible, as the 'skin' you practice on feels and looks just like real skin, but it takes the fear out of practicing on real skin. 

Seriously good Simpsons tattoos | Buy Reelksin practice skin online 0

If there’s one thing that never gets old, it’s The Simpsons. The hit cartoon that was popular with adults and children alike, first aired in 1988 (can you believe it!?), making it 30 years old. There are so many hilarious characters in this show, it’s hard to narrow down which we love the most, and with regular guest appearances and cameos from celebrities, The Simpsons really was the gift that kept on giving!