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Which Fake Tattoo Skin Is The Best? | How To Choose The Right Reusable Tattoo Practice Skin 0

If you're new to tattooing and have just started your tattoo apprenticeship, you'll probably be wondering which fake tattoo skin is the best, and can I buy reusable tattoo practice skin?  There are a lot of different brands out there, all offering their own version of tattoo practice skin, which means it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes on to deciding what's right for you.  You'll probably have lots of questions like, which is the best brand? Is the tattoo practice skin I purchase going to be reusable? How do I apply the stencil?  Don't worry!  We're here to help, and we'll talk you through some of the best options for tattoo practice skin. 

Celebrate International Dog Day With These Beautiful Dog Tattoos | Buy Critical Power Supplies 0

The 26th August is International Dog Day, and what better way to celebrate such a joyous day than to share some of our favourite dog tattoos?  (As if we needed a reason!).

Pet portraits are a really common theme in tattooing, with adoring owners getting their pets immortalised on them in the form of a tattoo.  Whether it's a realistic piece, or a colourful neo-trad tattoo, pet portraits look great in any style!  We've seen tonnes of gorgeous dog tattoos that really bring out the personality of the pooch, and we can't get enough of them.

Super Sweet Tattoos By Dorisu | Buy Ink-Eeze Pink Glide Online 0

We recently welcome the incredibly talented Dorisu Tattoo to our team of sponsored artists, and this week we wanted to take a look at some of the beautiful neo-traditional tattoos in Doris's fabulous catalogue of work.  Working from With Heart Tattoo, Preston, Doris's work comprises of gorgeous neo-traditional animals coupled with eye-catching florals, and it's not surprising to see her customers flocking to her for cute tattoos of their pets. 

Bold & Brilliant Work From Matt Edwards | Buy Stencil Stuff Online 0

Last month, we were fortunate to be able to welcome tattoo artist Matt Edwards on to our pro-team, and we've had the pleasure of being able to share his incredible neo-traditional tattoos. 

Matt who works from Traditional Values Tattoo in Barnstaple, Devon specialises in stunning neo-trad work.  Whether in full colour or black and grey, his designs are always bold and beautiful. With lady faces, flowers and animals being frequent subject matter for his tattoos, Matt often uses muted hues in his colours which give his work a really unique style, making it very recognisable. 

Gorgeous Neo-Traditional Tattoos By Alex Rowntree | Buy Colourful Tattoo Inks 0

Neo-traditional is up there with the most beautiful of tattoo styles.  The style which marries traditional tattoos with a broader colour palette and a more illustrative approach is a popular one, with neo-traditional tattoos taking Instagram by storm in recent years.  It's a tattoo style that works with all kinds of subject matter - from animals, to food, to cartoon characters and Disney princesses.  Neo-traditional tattoos are typically quite colourful, with colour palettes varying from artist to artist depending on their preference. 

Tattooing Is Back! Check Out These Post-lockdown Tattoos | Purchase Face Masks Online 0

Tattooing was on hold for quite some time, but on Monday 13th July, tattoo studios were given the go-ahead to open their doors to customers for the first time in months.  Following the unexpected government announcement just days before, tattoo artists were relieved to hear that they could get back to work.