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Traditional Tattoos by Mike C Davies | Buy Talens Drawing Ink online 0

This week we're taking a look at the incredible traditional tattoos done by our Sponsored Artist Mike C Davies, who has been on the Magnum team from the beginning.  

Now working from Stag and Bones Tattoo Studio in Liverpool, Mike regularly creates stunning traditional work that is always clean and bold.  Mike kick-started his tattoo career at Lord Nelson Tattoos in the beautiful city of Chester, and has always been heavily influenced by classic Americana style tattoos and takes inspiration from the likes of Norman Collins and Percy Waters.  

Spooky Skull Tattoos | Buy Solid Ink tattoo ink online 0

This Halloween, we've been admiring an array of spooky-themed tattoos.  From zombies to witches, and pumpkins to devils.  This is just some of the creepy content featured in the tattoos of horror lovers, and we can't get enough of it.  A common theme that crops up in tattoo culture, whether it's Halloween or not, is skulls.  No matter the time of year, skull tattoos always will always be popular.  Not just for those who are into the macabre, skulls don't have to represent doom and gloom and death.  They can work really well as classic traditional tattoos, and they can also celebrate life, through Sugar Skulls for Dia De Los Muertos. 

Zombie Tattoos for Halloween | Buy the Eternal Tattoo Ink Zombie Colour Range 0

Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we all love a good zombie movie (or TV show for that matter).  With so many cult classic zombie films such as Evil Dead, zombies are both feared, and marvelled over in pop culture today!  With the Walking Dead quickly becoming one of the most watched TV shows, with 17.3 million viewers by season 5, zombies are popping up everywhere, especially around Halloween!

Devils and Demons Tattoos for Halloween | Radiant Tattoo Ink Blood Red 0

Devils and Demons have been part of many cultures since the beginning of time.  Almost all ancient civilisations and major religions speak of some form of devil or evil spirit, that are ungodly, and bring pain and suffering to people. The folklore surrounding demons is actually quite fascinating, if not a bit creepy, and although they can often look terrifying, sometimes they're known to hide in plain sight and look just like you and me...

What's your favourite Scary Movie? Gruesome Ghostface Tattoos | Buy Eternal White Tattoo Ink 0

A classic horror movie, perhaps the movie of all modern day horror movies is no other, than 'Scream'.  First hitting movie theatres in 1996, Scream, which is set in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California follows Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and her friends being brutally picked off by a psycho killer (or 2), known as 'Ghostface'.  It all begins when the masked killer plays a vicious game of cat and mouse with Drew Barrymore, calling her up whilst she's all alone in her parents house making popcorn, and asking her 'What's your favourite scary movie?'....

Menacing Michael Myers Tattoos | Meta Workstation 0

This October, we've been looking at some of the most horrifying of Halloween monsters, and undoubtedly, the most terrifying character associated with Halloween is serial killer Michael Myers.  The main character in the original Halloween movie franchise from John Carpenter, Michael Myers is a troubled child who murders his sister and step-dad, and years later after escaping the asylum he's being held at, he goes on to terrify and butcher some other unfortunate residents of Haddonfield.  Wearing a William Shatner mask and a boiler suit, Myers is the epitome of evil, and he's the perfect spooky character for Halloween!