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Dua Lipa tattoos decoded: Meanings behind her body art


Dua Lipa, the celebrated singer known for her captivating voice and dynamic presence, carries with her a collection of tattoos that are as unique and expressive as her music. Each tattoo is a marker of personal significance, encapsulating memories, beliefs, and the various chapters of her life.

This article delves into the meanings behind Dua Lipa's tattoos offering insight into the personal stories and inspirations that have influenced her choice of tattoos.

From intricate designs to simple symbols, we explore the depth and diversity of Lipa's tattoos, shedding light on the personal emblems that define her journey.

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Dua Lipa during her concert


1. The rose on her right bicep

The rose tattoo inked on the inner side of Dua Lipa's right bicep was acquired during a spontaneous trip to Paris. Tattooed by Madame Buraka at 2 am, this piece symbolises love, beauty, and the spontaneity of life. Roses are classic tattoos that carry deep meanings, and for Dua, this particular rose might represent a memorable night in the City of Light.

2. 'This Means Nothing' on her left forearm

In a paradoxical statement, "This Means Nothing" is etched on her left forearm. Crafted in the unique handwriting of her tattoo artist, Sean, this tattoo plays with the concept of significance, suggesting that not everything needs to have a profound meaning. It's a reminder to not overthink and to sometimes take things at face value.

3. The palm tree homage to Los Angeles

A palm tree tattoo graces the back of her upper left arm, symbolising Dua Lipa's love for Los Angeles. The city, known for its entertainment industry and sunny weather, seems to have left a lasting impression on her. This tattoo is a homage to the place and its influence on her career and life.

4. Angel on her right shoulder

Inked by her favourite artist, Sean, the angel tattoo on her right shoulder could signify guidance, protection, and spirituality. Angels are often associated with guardianship, and this tattoo might represent a personal guardian angel watching over her.

5. The protective eye near her right ankle

A stick and poke eye tattoo near her right ankle was done by Amy, her drummer’s wife, in Dua's kitchen. The "all-seeing eye" is a symbol of protection against evil and negative energies. It's a talisman meant to ward off harm and bring the singer safety.


girl model with a lot of tattoos


6. Starburst on her right-hand middle finger

An eight-pointed starburst on her right-hand middle finger, also done by Amy Louise, carries its own mystique. Starbursts can symbolise guidance, navigation, and the pursuit of one's path in life. This tattoo might represent Dua's journey in the music industry and her determination to follow her dreams.

7. Patience on her left hand

The word "PATIENCE" inked on her left-hand serves as a constant reminder for Dua Lipa to stay calm and patient. In the fast-paced world of music and fame, this tattoo underscores the importance of patience as a virtue, reminding her to take things one step at a time.

8. Tribute to her parents on her right elbow

The words "MUM and DAD" tattooed on her right elbow are a tribute to her parents, Anesa Lipa and Dukagjin Lipa. This tattoo is a symbol of love, respect, and gratitude towards her family, highlighting the strong bond she shares with her parents.

9. Sunnyhill tattoo

"SUNNY HILL" inked on the inside of her right arm is Dua Lipa's first tattoo. It represents her connection to her roots in the Sunny Hill district of Pristina, Kosovo. This tattoo is a homage to her heritage and the place she considers home.

10. R and G for her siblings

The initials "R and G" on her left wrist stand for her siblings, Rina and Gjin. As the eldest sibling, this tattoo signifies the close-knit relationship and love she shares with her family.

11. Barbed wire heart and dancing people

A barbed wire heart on her left forearm and dancing people on both thumbs, inspired by Keith Haring's art, reflect Dua's love for music, dance, and the complexities of love. These tattoos symbolise her passion for her craft and the joys and challenges it brings.

12. '245' tattoo

The number "245" tattooed by Madame Buraka, holds a personal significance to Dua Lipa. While the meaning is not publicly disclosed, it's a reminder that some stories are meant to be kept private, adding an element of mystery to her collection of tattoos.


tattoo machine


How many tattoos does Dua Lipa have?

Dua Lipa has around 13 tattoos. Each of her tattoos carries a unique meaning or represents a significant moment in her life. However, it's important to note that celebrities often add to their tattoo collections, so the number may have changed since then.

Why does she call herself Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa's name is unique, and there's a simple explanation behind it. "Dua" means "love" in Albanian, which is a nod to her Albanian heritage. She was born in London to Albanian parents from Kosovo. The decision to use her real name, Dua Lipa, as her stage name was partly because it is distinctive and memorable.

In interviews, she has mentioned that she was initially hesitant about her name because it was unusual and she was teased about it as a child. However, she has since embraced it, and it has become a significant part of her identity as an artist.

What's Dua Lipa's biggest hit?

Among the hits listed, Dua Lipa's "Levitating," featuring DaBaby, released in 2020, stands out as one of her biggest hits. While "Don't Start Now" was a massive success and marked a significant moment in her career, "Levitating" achieved widespread popularity and commercial success, becoming a staple on global charts and streaming platforms. It was part of her critically acclaimed album "Future Nostalgia" and received heavy rotation on radio, in clubs, and across various media platforms.

"Levitating" showcases Dua Lipa's signature blend of pop, disco, and funk influences, making it a fan favourite and a commercial success. Its catchy melody, upbeat tempo, and engaging lyrics contributed to its longevity on the charts. The song not only charted highly in numerous countries but also became a viral sensation on social media platforms, further cementing its status as one of Dua Lipa's biggest hits.

Final thoughts

Dua Lipa's tattoos serve as a personal diary, etched in ink, that narrates the journey of her life, beliefs, and experiences. Each tattoo is a testament to her individuality, marking significant moments and personal philosophies.

Through the exploration of the meanings behind her tattoos, we gain not only a deeper understanding of Dua Lipa as an artist but also as a person who cherishes authenticity and self-expression. Her body art reflects a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and the embrace of personal history and future aspirations.


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