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Decoding the meaning behind Travis Barker's tattoos


For anyone trying to understand Travis Barker's tattoos, it's like trying to read a book with no guide. He has nearly 100 tattoos, and each one holds a special meaning or tells a part of his life story. But for fans or curious minds, getting to the heart of what each tattoo really means can feel overwhelming. There's so much to uncover, from memories and tributes to personal beliefs, that trying to connect all the dots can leave you puzzled.

So, let's take a closer look at Travis Barker's tattoos and learn more about his adventures, the things he loves, and the challenges he's faced, all through the art on his skin.


red tattoos on arm


How many tattoos does Travis Barker have?

Travis Barker has nearly 100 tattoos covering his body. His collection includes various designs, from tributes to loved ones and personal milestones to symbols of his passions and beliefs.

Given Barker's affinity for tattoos and their significance in his life, it wouldn't be surprising if this number has increased as he continues to add to his collection with new pieces that commemorate recent events or important aspects of his life.

Complete list of Travis Barker's tattoos


back tattoos


Chest & neck tattoos

Travis Barker's chest and neck are adorned with various tattoos that reflect his passions, relationships, and personal philosophies.

  • Cadillac Emblems and Designs: Barker's love for Cadillacs is prominently displayed on his chest with several tattoos, including the classic emblem, a portrait of a '53 model, and the word "Cadillac" scripted across his ribcage.
  • Boombox with Angelic Figure: This tattoo features a large boombox, or "ghetto blaster," with an angelic woman, symbolising his love for music.
  • "Lover": Written across his lower abdomen, this tattoo might reflect his romantic side or identity as a lover of life and music.
  • Portraits and Script: His chest also includes portraits and names of significant others, demonstrating his deep affection and commitment.

The neck tattoos include:

  • Race Flag: A pattern that might represent his favourite year of Cadillac, symbolising speed and his interest in cars.
  • "Can I Say": This tattoo doubles as the title of his autobiography and a personal motto, underscoring his openness and honesty.

Barker's head and scalp tattoos

On his scalp, Barker has chosen tattoos visible only when his head is shaved, showcasing some of the most personal aspects of his life.
  • The Virgin Mary: A detailed depiction that signifies his faith and possibly serves as a protective symbol.
  • "Family Loyalty Respect": Words that spell out the values most important to Barker.
  • "One Life One Chance": A mantra that encourages living life to the fullest, likely inspired by his plane crash survival.
  • Rose: This tattoo covers up the name of his first ex-wife, symbolising rebirth and new beginnings.

Leg tattoos

Barker's legs tell stories of resilience and recovery, especially after the loss of tattoos due to the severe burns he suffered in a plane crash.
  • Re-tattooed Designs: Including the logo of the punk band Descendents, symbolising his return to tattooing and reclaiming his body art after the accident.
  • Skull on Knee: By his favourite tattoo artist, this might represent his confrontation with death and survival.
  • Spider Web: Another design on his knee, traditional in tattoo culture, often symbolises being caught in life's complexities.

Hand tattoos

Barker's hands display his beliefs, achievements, and the people most important to him.

  • "SELF MADE" and "DUES PAID": Across his knuckles, these phrases announce his hard-won success and the effort he's put into his career.
  • Names of His Children: Landon and Alabama constantly remind him of his love and dedication to his family.
  • Skull with Crossbones: A cover-up tattoo that replaces previous ones related to past relationships, symbolising change and possibly closure.

Left arm tattoos

Barker's left arm features a collection of tattoos that represent his musical influences, personal interests, and significant life moments:

  • "Born with Horns": Initially, they collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly to celebrate their musical partnership, though the album title later changed to "Mainstream Sellout."
  • Scorpion Cover-Up: A large, detailed scorpion tattoo covers the name of his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, symbolising his zodiac sign, Scorpio, and perhaps transformation and resilience.
  • Vegan Restaurant Logo: The logo of his vegan restaurant, Crossroads Kitchen, highlights his commitment to veganism and his business ventures.
  • Religious Symbols: Including crosses and images of Jesus, reflecting his religious beliefs and spiritual journey.

Face tattoos

Barker's face tattoos, though fewer in number, carry significant meaning:

  • "Blessed": Next to his right eye, this word likely signifies his gratitude for life, especially meaningful considering his survival from a plane crash.
  • Black Star: By his right eye, a common symbol in tattoo culture that can represent guidance or a significant change in one's life.
  • Anchor: By his left eye, which traditionally symbolises stability and grounded nature, possibly reflecting Barker's foundational role in his family and music.

Right arm tattoos

Barker's right arm is dubbed his "lucky" arm and contains symbols of luck and personal significance:

  • Lucky Number "7": A symbol of luck and his favourite number.
  • Pair of Dice: Another emblem of luck.
  • Drumset and Drumsticks: Representing his passion and career in music.
  • Tributes to His Late Mother, Gloria: Including her name under his chin and her portrait, as a profound personal homage.

Back tattoos

The tattoos on Barker's back are largely dedicated to his family, showcasing large-scale portraits and his values:

  • Portraits of His Parents and Children: Centerpieces that honour the most important people in his life.
  • Jesus Christ: Positioned between his children's portraits, symbolising protection and faith.
  • "Hope": Written across his lower back, representing optimism and resilience.

Kourtney Kardashian-inspired tattoos

Barker's relationship with Kourtney Kardashian has inspired several tattoos, marking significant moments in their relationship:
  • Kourtney's Name: Tattooed in script across his chest, a public declaration of his love.
  • "I Love You": Handwritten by Kourtney herself on Barker's arm, a personal and intimate gesture.
  • Scorpion and Lips by Kourtney: Following the cover-up of his ex-wife's name, he added Kourtney's lip print next to the scorpion, symbolising their bond.
  • Kourtney Kardashian's eyes: Travis Barker has taken his collection of Kourtney Kardashian-inspired tattoos to a new level of personal homage. He recently revealed a significant addition: a huge tattoo of Kourtney Kardashian's eyes. This latest piece is a profound testament to their bond, capturing the essence of Kourtney's gaze in a permanent, artistic form.


body with full back tattoos


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Embrace your tattoo journey with the right care, just like Travis Barker treasures each of his meaningful tattoos.


Looking into Travis Barker's tattoos is like reading a very personal story. Each tattoo tells us something about his life, his love, and his big moments. They're more than just art on his skin; they're like pages in a book about him.

By learning the stories behind his tattoos, we get to know him better. It shows us how tattoos can capture important memories and feelings, turning them into something we can see. Travis Barker's ink reminds us that every tattoo has its own special story.


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