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A guide to Mac Miller’s tattoos and their meanings


For fans and tattoo enthusiasts, understanding the stories behind Mac Miller's tattoos can be difficult. Mac Miller, the beloved rapper, had many tattoos, each with a unique meaning. With so many tattoos, it can be hard to know the story behind each one.

This guide simplifies it all, revealing the personal and artistic meanings of Mac Miller's tattoos. Whether you're a fan wanting to connect more deeply with his legacy or just curious about his ink, this guide will help you understand the stories behind Mac Miller's tattoos.

Who is Mac Miller?


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Mac Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick, was an influential American singer, rapper, and record producer. He rose to fame in the late 2000s with his mixtapes "K.I.D.S." (2010) and "Best Day Ever" (2011), which featured the hit single "Donald Trump." His debut album "Blue Slide Park" (2011) made history by reaching number one on the US Billboard 200.

Known for his deep lyrics and versatile style, Miller signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2014, releasing successful albums like "GO:OD AM" (2015), "The Divine Feminine" (2016), and "Swimming" (2018). He also produced music for other artists under the name Larry Fisherman.

Despite his success, Miller struggled with substance abuse, a theme often reflected in his work. Tragically, Miller passed away from a drug overdose on September 7, 2018, but his music and legacy continue to resonate deeply with fans and the music community.

Mac Miller’s Leg Tattoos

Miller's legs were adorned with playful and meaningful tattoos. His right leg featured a Kangaroo with Boxing Gloves tattoo with the word "BASED", a Big Blue Brontosaurus plus a Yellow Smiley Face tattoo on his right calf, and an Alien riding The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine tattoo. The latter was particularly significant as it symbolised a moment of solace during a bad acid trip, demonstrating the therapeutic power of music.

On his left leg, he had a Heart Capsule with Flames tattoo, symbolising passion and transformation, and a Fairy in the centre surrounded by roses tattoo, adding an element of whimsy and fantasy.

Mac Miller’s Chest Tattoos

Miller’s chest featured some of his most iconic tattoos. The phrase “NO WOMAN NO CRY”, a tribute to the famous Bob Marley song, was inked prominently, symbolising resilience and emotional strength. Below this, a Tribal Eagle tattoo underscored his connection to freedom and power, complementing the Marley tribute and showcasing his layered personality.

Mac Miller’s Neck Tattoos

Miller adorned his neck with meaningful tattoos that carried personal significance. On the left side, he had a Flower tattoo, symbolising growth and beauty. On the right side of his neck, he sported a Hawk tattoo, representing vision, strength, and freedom. These tattoos reflected his inner strength and aspirations.

Mac Miller’s Stomach Tattoo

Miller's stomach was inked with the phrase “WE ARE CONFUSED” in cursive font. This tattoo was unique as it was sketched freehand by the artist without using stencils, capturing a raw and spontaneous moment in his life.

Mac Miller’s Rib Cage Tattoos

On his right rib cage, Miller had “MOST DOPE” tattooed in large fonts with two masks replacing the letter “O”. This phrase was more than a nickname; it embodied his identity and ethos. His left rib cage bore the phrase “RAIN OR SHINE”, reflecting his optimism and perseverance through life's highs and lows.

Mac Miller’s Hand Tattoos

Miller’s hands were canvases for several meaningful tattoos. His birth year, 1992, was tattooed in Roman numerals (MCMXCII) on his right hand, while a Pittsburgh Pirates “P” logo celebrated his hometown pride. He also had a Sunset tattoo on the back of his left hand, symbolising peace and beauty, a Tiny Heart tattoo on the back of his left hand and a Tiny Peace sign tattoo on the back of his right hand, and , reflecting his appreciation for love and harmony.

Mac Miller’s Knuckles Tattoo

On his knuckles, Miller had the phrase “MOST DOPE” inked, a moniker that represented his identity. This tattoo, though often causing trouble at airports, was a significant part of his persona.


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Mac Miller’s Finger Tattoos

Miller’s fingers featured culturally significant tattoos. A Star of David on his right middle finger reflected his Jewish heritage, while a Cross on his left middle finger showcased his appreciation for diverse religious symbols.

Mac Miller Tribute Tattoos

Mac Miller’s influence extended beyond his own tattoos. Ariana Grande honoured him with a tattoo of “Myron”, the dog they adopted together, on her foot. Lil Xan paid tribute with a face tattoo that reads “MOMENTO MORI”, a Latin phrase meaning “remember that you have to die”, demonstrating the profound impact Miller had on those around him.

Mac Miller’s Sleeve Tattoos

Miller’s sleeves were a tapestry of his inspirations and beliefs. His left forearm showcased the phrase “Street Struck” and the ribbon tattoo “In This Crazy World”, reflecting his thoughts on life. The “Most Dope Kid” tattoo and a Rose tattoo on his inner left forearm, along with a Pin-Up Girl tattoo in a Marilyn Monroe pose, highlighted his connection to pop culture and personal identity.

He also had a Hebrew letter tattoo on his left arm and a Smiley Face and Thumbs Up tattoo on his inner left arm, symbolising positivity and his cultural roots. The “Imagine” tattoo on his inner right arm paid homage to his love for John Lennon’s music, while an Albert Einstein’s face tattoo on his right arm showcased his admiration for intellect and creativity.

Miller’s left forearm also featured a Buddha tattoo, reflecting his spiritual beliefs. His right forearm bore a John Lennon’s face tattoo, further emphasising his connection to The Beatles, complemented by a Boombox tattoo under the Lennon portrait, symbolising his lifelong love for music.

Does Ariana Grande have tattoos for Mac Miller?


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Ariana Grande has a tattoo dedicated to Mac Miller. Following Miller's untimely death in September 2018, Grande paid tribute to him with a tattoo of "Myron" on her foot. Myron was the name of the dog they adopted together in January 2017 when they were still dating.

After Miller's death, Grande adopted Myron, and the tattoo serves as a heartfelt tribute to both the dog and the special bond she shared with Mac Miller. This gesture reflects Grande's enduring love and respect for Miller, honouring his memory in a deeply personal and permanent way.

Final thoughts

Mac Miller's tattoos offer a unique glimpse into his life, personality, and artistic journey. Each tattoo, from the heartfelt tributes to loved ones to the symbols of his musical inspirations, tells a story that adds depth to his legacy.

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