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Snake tattoos that are changing the game this summer


Are you looking for a way to make a statement this summer without being too over the top? For an eye-catching tattoo, snake designs are the perfect choice!

These captivating symbols of power and transformation offer alluring aesthetics while still maintaining their ancient cultural significance. Get ready to rewrite the rules and redefine the art of ink with these snake tattoo ideas this summer! Why not also pick up some professional tattoo aftercare to care for new artwork?

A snake tattoo as a symbol of transformation

Snake tattoos have a long history of signifying transformation and power. In different cultures, snakes are seen as an ancient symbol of rebirth and renewal as they shed their skin to enter a new stage of life.


Big and bold black snake tattoo


This idea has been passed down through generations, making the snake tattoo a popular choice for those looking to commemorate a significant event or major change in their lives.

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The aesthetic appeal of a tattoo snake

In addition to their symbolic meaning, snake tattoos also boast impressive aesthetics. With their bold lines and striking curves, snake designs can be as subtle or as daring as you want them to be.

From minimalist blackwork snakes to ornate colour pieces that wrap around the body like a coiled serpent, there are truly endless possibilities when it comes to designing a unique snake tattoo.

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Tattoo artist sketching a snake tattoo design


Their inherent serpentine nature also means that a tattoo snake can be effortlessly crafted and adapted to suit the contours of your body, resulting in some stunning placement options.

Snake tattoo designs for women

In many cultures, snakes have been associated with feminity, wisdom, and divine energy. If you’re looking for a tattoo that speaks to your inner strength, consider getting a snake tattoo design.

Women often opt for smaller, more delicate designs that still maintain their powerful symbolism. Heart-shaped eyes, floral accents, and intricate details are all popular choices when it comes to creating a beautiful and meaningful snake tattoo that embraces feminine power. Below are some of the best snake tattoo ideas for women.

Floral snake tattoo

For a truly unique take on the snake tattoo, consider combining it with other symbols and motifs. A floral snake tattoo is a gorgeous option that blends two of nature’s most captivating creations to create something truly special.

Designs featuring a snake and rose or a combination of other flowers and vines, are sure to make an elegant snake tattoo design. Not only does these elements add more detail and depth to the piece, but they can also add a variety of meanings from love and beauty to strength and power.


Snake tattoo on a woman's back


Small snake tattoo

If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, a small snake tattoo is the perfect choice. These miniature snakes can be added almost anywhere on the body and still make a bold statement. For example, a tiny snake finger tattoo can look stunning and very eye-catching.

Snake wrist tattoo

A snake wrist tattoo is another great option for those looking to make an impact without going too big. Wrapping a serpentine design around your wrist can be a beautiful way to show off your unique sense of style.

Snake tattoo designs for men

For men, a snake tattoo can be an expression of strength and power. Many opt for larger designs with bold lines and colours that evoke the idea of dominance and control.


Realistic snake tattoo in colour


Dragon-like scales, abstract shapes, and other elements often accompany these masculine pieces in order to further emphasise their meaning.

Two-headed snake tattoo

The two-headed snake is an ancient symbol that has been used throughout history to represent duality and balance. The dual heads of the snake symbolise opposing forces or perspectives that coexist within an individual.

This snake head tattoo usually represents the harmony between contrasting aspects, such as light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil.

Japanese snake tattoo

The Japanese snake tattoo is another popular design. In Japanese culture, snakes are considered guardians and protectors against evil spirits and misfortune. This type of tattoo snake often features a giant, menacing serpent with intricate details and striking colours.


Japanese snake tattoo design


This type of design works best as a snake chest tattoo, on a tattoo sleeve, or as a snake back tattoo, as it requires a larger placement area to truly showcase all its details.

Appreciating the artistry of snake tattoos

Snake tattoos are more than just an artistic trend; they are emblematic of personal growth, transformation, and empowerment.

A small snake tattoo is the perfect way to make a statement this summer without being too over the top. For bolder snake tattoo ideas, designs like a two-headed or a Japanese snake tattoo, offer a captivating aesthetic along with powerful cultural symbolism.


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  • Sarah Crookes