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Awesome Alien Tattoos | VIP Ora Wipes


A topic of news that you probably never thought you would hear, is that Area 51 is about to be stormed by a bunch of inquisitive alien enthusiasts in America.  Possibly the US government's best kept secret, hiding in the Nevada desert, Area 51 is an Air Force facility which is highly classified, and owned by the government.  Many believe that it's the place where all the answers about extra-terrestrial beings are held, but in reality, we'll probably never know exactly what goes on there, and what secrets it holds. It's highly unlikely that anyone would ever get close enough to set foot in Area 51, and if they did, they probably won't live to tell the tale!

In the spirit of Area 51 and the so-called invasion that Facebookers are planning, at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock VIP Ora Wipes, we thought we'd round up some of the best alien tattoos that we've came across, in keeping with current events.  Whether you believe in aliens or not, there are so many ways in which these extra-terrestrial beings can be depicted, and they certainly make for a great tattoo!  Check them out...

Done by @Didactattoo, we LOVE this neo-trad style version of the alien from the 'Alien' franchise. 


What a brilliant abducrtion scene. This is creepy but also encapsulating. Artist unknown


Is this what you'd find if you were to visit Area 51?  Who knows! Artist unknown


An Alien ironing their human suit.... Spooky! Artist unknown


The OG Alien... From Mars Attacks! Artist unknown


We love this cute little trad style flying saucer piece.  If UFOs were always depicted like then perhaps we wouldn't be so scared of the idea? Artist unknown


The Truth is out there...  We're loving this wide-eyed alien tattoo. Artist unknown


We're keen to find out whether the truth will be revealed about Area 51, but something tells us, it definitely won't!  If you're an alien enthusiast and have had some extra-terrestrial tattoos put on your body then why not get in touch in the comments and tell us about it?  (Or, if you've been abducted by aliens then we'd also love to hear from you!).  Make sure you leave us a message in the box below. 




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  • Antonia McLoughlin