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5 Surprising Benefits of Getting Tattoos

 There are many benefits of getting tattoos, some of which you might find surprising. This blog will go through some of the top benefits of being tatted!


  1. Multiple Tattoos Can Actually Improve your Immune System

A study published in the American Journal of Human Biology discovered that tattooing serves to protect the immune system. There are two reasons behind this, one of these being that they have less reduction in immunoglobulin A. The second is that getting a tattoo stimulates an immune response.

Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that helps the immune, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems. Higher levels of the antibody help the body to ward of pathogens and even the common cold or flu.

Tattoos also stimulate and strengthen the immune response. When the immune system detects a foreign invader in your body it sends antibodies to attack them. This happens when you get a tattoo. Your body attacks the foreign invader (tattoo ink), which is why swelling can occur.

Eventually your body accepts the ink, and you begin to heal, and over this time the immune system becomes stronger through its efforts to combat the ink.

Your first tattoo does not have the same effect as multiple tattoos. On the first one you are temporarily more sensitive because your immune system is already busy fighting the tattoo ink. However, more tattoos increase the positive effects on your immune system.



  1. Tattoos Can Reduce Stress Levels

In addition to immunoglobulin A, the above study also tested for cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It was tested in the study because cortisol is an immune response suppressant.

Multiple tattoos were found to reduce cortisol levels, improving the immune system benefits of tattoos, but also helping with stress reduction. High levels of cortisol are associated with many of the physical and mental detriments of stress, including:

  • Migraines/headaches
  • Increased weight gain
  • Inhibited memory & learning.
  • Elevated blood pressure



  1. Tattoos Boost Self-Confidence and Body Confidence

Recent scientific studies have determined that women with more tattoos possess higher degrees of self-esteem!  

One of the reasons tattoos are believed to have a confidence-boosting effect is that they can be used to cover, creatively accent, or repurpose bodily flaws. For example, instead of looking at scars from a traumatic accident, a person can create a beautiful and calming image instead.

Tattoos also promote body positivity by allowing people to express themselves in ways that complement their figure and hug their features. Tattoos can be utilised to accentuate the body while concealing unwanted markings or scars. It is also known that people who have tattoos tend to get more attention and stares than those without tattoos, a factor which can explain tattooing’s ability to boost your sense of self-esteem.

Aside from covering scars and flattering the body, tattoos can also be used to create permanent makeup with flesh coloured ink. These tattoo innovations have been monumental in increasing confidence levels and helping people to feel good in their bodies.



  1. Tattoos Can Actually Help with Athletics

Cortisol reduction is not just great for reducing stress; it also has positive physical benefits for anyone who trains on a regular basis. One of the biggest weight training trends now is the attempt to reduce cortisol levels.

This is because cortisol reduces the body’s ability to regenerate and heal. Reduced cortisol ensures that your muscles can heal faster after exercise, develop more muscle, and take less time out of the gym.

They often do this by taking supplements and wearing mouth guards in the gym. We might even see a rise in tattoos among athletes to benefit from the cortisol reduction!


  1. Some Tattoos Can Help you Get a Job

Although visible tattoos have typically been considered roadblocks to employment, a recent study from the University of St. Andrews shows that having tattoos may make you a more desirable candidate for certain jobs!

From high-end salons to popular clothing companies, employers focused on presenting a trendy, or edgy vibe are becoming increasingly interested in employees having some visible tattoos.

Professional stigmas have begun to fade as society becomes more accepting of tattoos, allowing more people than ever to show their tattoos at work and be hired with visible body art. From positions in veterinary science to jobs in the food and beverage industry, many jobs allow for more self-expression on the job, and helping to lift remaining stigmas about tattooed people.



Tattoos have many super interesting benefits, some of which people never would have ever thought about! Do you experience any of these benefits? Leave a comment below!

 Blog Inspiration: Tattoodo & Emozzy


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  • Caitlin Moore