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Brilliant Barbie Tattoos | Radiant Tattoo Ink in LA pink


Barbie, the blonde and beautiful plastic toy doll is one of those characters that so many of us loved when we were younger. There was a never ending array of different style Barbie dolls out there, that no matter what you were into as a kid, there was always that one special Barbie that represented your personality and interests perfectly. (The Camper Van Barbie was a personal favourite!). There was even a Tattoo themed Barbie (for the more rebellious type). 

Butterfly Art Tattoo Barbie was released by Mattel in 1998, but was eventually pulled from shelves after a series of complaints from disgruntled parents who claimed that this particular Barbie was a bad influence on children, and that promoting tattoos was wrong. Unfortunately, Butterfly Tattoo Art Barbie's reign was only short lived, but there have since been other tattoo themed Barbies continuing to annoy parents! 

For many people, Barbie still holds a special place in their hearts, and on their skin! Now that most of us who remember the Barbie glory days of the 90s are above the legal age to be tattooed, there are plenty of brilliant Barbie tribute tattoos floating around. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Radiant Tattoo Ink in LA pink (a perfect colour for Barbie themed tattoos), we wanted to share some of the beautiful Barbie tattoos that we’ve came across. Take a look! 

First up, from Sandy Bruerostro, a cute little black and grey Barbie, featuring some hints of colour in Barbie’s sparkling blue eyes and red lips. A lovely little tribute to the famous doll. 

We absolutely love this tattooed Barbie done by the incredibly talented Matt Youl. A wonderful neo traditional Barbie with some cool cheek piercings.

A dark horror style Barbie by Prissy Del Ray. We really love her style, and Barbie looks just as gorgeous as ever here. 

A fabulous 80s style Barbie done by Sarah K. It’s super girly and we think the lipsticks are a gorgeous touch. 

Barbie and Ken done by the insanely talented Michelle Madison. Michelle’s work is unrivalled, and this Barbie and Ken piece is perfect. 

A stunning goth Barbie done by Laura Ashley. It’s great to see a darker variation of the typical blonde bombshell Barbie. 

Marisol Preciado did this amazing Barbie Dream House. A really nostalgic piece! 

Last but not least, we love this stunning black and grey realistic Barbie. A phenomenal tattoo. 

Barbie is still going strong today, so we’re sure we’ll see many more Barbie tribute tattoos in the future! Why not get in touch if you’ve created some Barbie themed tattoos yourself? Or if you’ve made any Cindy tattoos for that matter! (We love a good underdog)! For anyone planning on tattooing any Barbie themed pieces then make sure you check out Radiant Tattoo Ink in L.A. pink over on our web store. It’s the perfect colour for a Barbie tattoo! 


Love Toni 

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