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Celebrities with tattoos and the rise of tattoos in the mainstream


Tattooing has been around for a very long time, however it's only in recent years that tattoos have become a popular trend within mainstream society.  Many moons ago, tattoos were typically associated with sailors, criminals, and alternative sub-cultures – but a lot has changed, and tattoos are now more popular than ever! 

There appears to have been a huge surge in the popularity of tattoos thanks to the hordes of celebrities getting tattooed.  I'm not just talking about the odd bit of script or roman numeral, but large substantial tattoos, sleeves, and chest pieces.  Since Rihanna got her 'unerboobttattoo, there's been an influx in the number of girls with similar pieces and after David Beckham got his famous angel backpiece, a craze of black and grey religious pieces was well and truly sparked. 

As well as celebrities with tattoos on our TV screens, there's a lot more tattoo themed TV shows available to watch.  A few years ago, the only tattoo related TV shows on our screens were Miami Ink and LA Ink, and now for better or worse, there's an abundance of tattoo themed shows we can tune in to.  With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram absolutely booming right now, tattoos are literally everywhere.  As a store where you can buy Tattoo Ink online in the UK, at Magnum Tattoo Supplies we're interested to know about the latest social influences in tattoo culture, and today I wanted to take a look at some tattooed celebrities who are having a huge influence on the rise of tattoos in mainstream society.   


Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is a huge influence to a lot of people, and as one of the most popular musicians at the moment, it's hard not to notice his black and grey work. 


Over the years, Rihanna has collected some beautiful tattoos, and recently I've seen quite a lot of girls with similar henna style hand pieces.  I really like these tattoos as I think they look really elegant and look great with long nails! 


We're used to seeing tattoos of Captain Jack Sparrow, but Johnny Depp himself has quite a few tattoos himself! A lot of these look like quite simple traditional style pieces, and I think they really suit his image. 



Ruby Rose became really well known after her role in Orange is the new Black - gracing our TV screens with her bold and brilliant tattoos. 


These are just some of the many popular celebrities who've chose to decorate their skin.  It's great to see that their tattoos haven't hindered their career (and just goes to show how good tattoo cover make-up can be as well when necessary!).  It's great that they're embracing their own unique looks and personalities through tattoos, and I think it's definitely thrusting tattoos into the mainstream media in a positive way! Why not leave us a comment and let us know who your favourite tattooed celebrity is?  Don't forget, you can buy tattoo ink online at our UK store as well!


Love Toni...




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  • Antonia McLoughlin