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Colourful Creature Tattoos from Stephanie Melbourne | Full range of Eternal Ink Colours online


We’re forever in awe of the incredible neo-traditional work done by our extremely talented Sponsored Artist Stephanie Melbourne, and we love seeing the beautiful tattoo designs that she creates which often consist of woodland creatures and insects adorned with decorative jewels and gems. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the full range of Eternal Ink Colours online, we wanted to share some of the breathtaking work that Stephanie has recently made. So, if you’re partial to some eye-catching and bold neo-traditional tattoos then why not take a look at this phenomenal work?

A gorgeous blue shark. Usually rather menacing, this little fellow is actually really cute!

A brilliant death moth. The muted colours in this are really pretty.

This stag piece is insane. Stephanie’s tattoos often have a really majestic feel to them, especially when they feature some sparkly jewels.

This little fruit bat is the cutest!

We’re loving this fabulous little robin piece, complete with a dazzling jewel. 

The most stunning blue butterfly ever, with a jewel encrusted dagger. 

Last but not least, a personal favourite of ours; an incredibly beautiful jewel encrusted ladybird. The colours in this work really well together and it’s totally eye-catching!

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the amazing work made recently by our pro team member Stephanie Melbourne. If you’re after a colourful neo-traditional tattoo to add to your collection then why not pay Stephanie a visit at The Church Tattoo Studio in Redditch? You can find more of her wonderful work over on her Instagram page

Don’t forget to check out our website where we stock the full Eternal Tattoo Ink range online for all of your neo-traditional needs.

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin