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Cute Baby Yoda Tattoos - Buy Green Tattoo Ink Online

The latest obsession amongst Disney fans and Star Wars fans alike, and arguably the best thing to come out of 2019 is 'Baby Yoda', otherwise known as 'The Child'.  This cute green cuddly fellow from the Star Wars spin off TV series The Mandalorian has been causing quite a stir for followers of the Star Wars franchise (and amongst pretty much everyone with access to the internet).  He's became an online obsession, and rightly so, and it won't be long until Build a Bear and The Disney Store will be stocking cuddly toy versions of this little fella.  We cannot wait!


This precious frog munching infant (who is in fact 50 years old), with pale green skin, charmingly huge eyes, and a robe that is far too big for him, accompanies The Mandalorian on his travels, and he must be protected at all costs. 

With such a huge fan-base, it's not surprising to see a growing collection of Baby Yoda themed tattoos surfacing the internet.  People want to eternalise their love for this little green man, and to be totally honest, we don't blame them.
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Green Tattoo Ink online, we're obviously huge fans of 'The Child' or Baby Yoda, and today we wanted to showcase some of the amazing tattoos that have appeared in the wake of the unavoidable phenomenon that is Baby Yoda.  Check them out here...

Done by Brandoom

Done by Arron Parker

Done by Stuart Clark

Done by Shloyer 

Done by Nico Caponi

Done by @Yesitattoos

Done by Edgar Luna tattoo

Done by Michael Hodges

Done by Bulman Tattoons

Done by Bobby Moustache

 We've absolutely loved seeing these incredible Baby Yoda tattoos, and we hope you've enjoyed them too!  Although we have to wait until October for the new season of The Mandalorian, for the time being we can take comfort in the fact that Baby Yoda is here to stay in the form of tattoos.  Don't forget, if you're going to be creating some Baby Yoda tattoos then make sure you check out our website where you can buy green tattoo ink online.

Love Toni 

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