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Dazzling Dermals incorporated into Tattoo Designs | Buy Miltex Dermal Punches online

Dermal piercings have been around for a while, and now that the summer weather is approaching, we're bound to see a lot more decorative jewels in the form microdermals fashioned on people's skin. These intricate little gems look great when positioned on parts of the body to accentuate and decorate the area, but they look even cooler when incorporated into a tattoo design! They can really complement an existing tattoo and add a bit of sparkle. 

 At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Miltex Dermal Punches, we're all for intricate dermals that accentuate a look. Why not be inspired by these lovely dermal-tattoo combinations? 

First up, a gorgeous gemetric design on the wrist. This type of tattoo has been made extremely popular in recent years due to celebrities like Rihanna choosing decorative patterns on their skin. The white crystal gem is a lovely touch. Artist unknown. 

We really love this one. A black and grey geometric style flower adorned with a blue dermal right in the centre. Your eye is instantly drawn to this stand out gem. Artist unknown. 

This back of thigh piece looks gorgeous. We love how the red dermals are neatly positioned around the bows. This is a really difficult place to get tattooed, but the results are amazing! Artist unknown. 

Who needs white highlights when you can add a microdermal? This is a really great idea, and now the white of the Egyptian eye can stay sparkly and bright. Artist unknown. 

Simple cherry blossoms decorated with 2 small dermals. This is simple yet very effective in a very eye-catching way. Artist unknown. 

Another geometric design on the wrist which shows just how popular this kind of tattoo has proven to be. The carefully placed dermals look stunning. 
Why not share your dermal-tattoo with us? We'd love to see some more interesting ways of incorporating dermal jewels into tattoo designs, so if you have a creative dermal-tattoo then make sure you get in touch and leave a comment in the box below! If you're looking to create some dermals then head over to our website where you can buy the Miltex Dermal Punches online. 





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  • Antonia McLoughlin