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Fantastic American Flag Tattoos | Buy the Marshall Bennett Eternal Tattoo Ink Set online

With July being the month of Independence Day, (otherwise known as 4th July), many patriotic American citizens celebrated in style earlier this month, proudly paying homage to their beloved country.  This month, we noticed a lot of American Flag tattoos popping up on Instagram, with lots of proud Americans happily adorning their USA-themed tattoos. 

The easily recognisable American flag consists of 50 stars that represent the 50 states of the United States of America, and 13 stripes which symbolise the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and became the first states in the United States.

Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy the Marshall Bennett Eternal Tattoo Ink Set online, we wanted to showcase some of the brilliant USA flag tattoos that we've came across this month, each one unique in their own way! 

Check them out here!...
A super rare American Hibiscus flag done by Rick Mejia.  We absolutely love this piece. 

A beautiful black and grey realistic American flag tattoo, (artist unknown). A really patriotic piece and a beautiful way to pay homage to your country. 

A bio-mech style American flag that's bursting through the skin.  America is literally running through this person's veins - what a great way to show pride for your country.

From Atelier 22, this realistic skull and flag piece is absolutely insane.  An amazing piece of work done by an extremely talented artist. 

An excellent tattoo done by Rafael Marte, celebrating the 4th July.  A beautiful Statue of Liberty piece, wrapped in the American Flag. 

Done by Christian Killingstad, this blackwork piece is incredible.  Although it's great to see flag tattoos in colour to represent their true form, sometimes a non-coloured tattoo makes a really refreshing change, and this one is perfect. 
We think all of these flag tattoos are really unique in their own way, and it’s great to see something as simple as a flag can be represented in so many different forms of tattoo styles. Whatever your style of tattooing, we're sure you can appreciate all of the different representations of American flag tattoos! Don't forget, if you're wanting to create some classic black and grey tattoos, then you can buy the Marshall Bennett Eternal Tattoo Ink Set online over at our store! 
Love Toni



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