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Gorgeous Geisha Tattoos | Supremacy Tattoo Needles

Geishas are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses, performing in Geisha houses across Japan.  These Geishas are highly educated, and trained in the arts of music, dance, and entertainment. A Geisha will often spend years learning to play various instruments or training to sing, offering skills that entertain men.  People often associate them with prostitution, but their roles are entirely different, and they are a symbol of unattainable perfection. 
Geisha tattoos are quite popular, especially within Japanese tattoo culture, and they're often pictured sporting beautiful Kimonos, wearing their pale white makeup.  Geishas are a symbol of beauty and elegance, so it's not suprising that they're a popular subject matter for tattoos.  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the high specification Supremacy Tattoo Needles, we're all about creating the perfect tattoo, and we've found some beautiful Geisha tattoos for you to marvel at!  Check them out here...
First up, a gorgeous black and grey Geisha piece by Elisa Francioli.  We really admire the intricate detailing on this one, and love the geometric tattoos that feature on the Geisha's neck and face.  
A traditional style Japanese piece by Nic Ruberto.  We love the colours in this and the other Japanese elements such as cherry blossoms and black clouds.  A wonderful piece that beautifully represents the Geisha!
Sailor Jerry style Geishas are also really popular, and Josh Corlin has done an excellent job of this old-school Geisha. Accompanied by a dragon, this Geisha piece is terrific. 
Andrea Raudino's tattoos are always really interesting and bold, and the style is really unique!  This Geisha tattoo is no exception, and edges away from the typical Japanese Geisha style.
This incredible realistic Geisha piece from Gianni Sbragi is stunning.  We love the red and black elements and it captures the Japanese style perfectly. 
A traditional Japanese style image, featuring an array of beautiful Geishas.  This artwork is typical of old Japanese imagery, and we love it. 
A gorgeous Japanese style back-piece featuring a beautiful tattooed Geisha woman.  It's really bold yet it features some particularly detailed elements. A wonderful piece done by a very talented artist. 
So there you have it!  Take your time marveling at these gorgeous Geisha tattoos, and if you've created any Geisha pieces yourself then why not get in touch with us in the comment section?  Make sure you head over to our online store for all your tattoo needs, where you'll find our extremely high precision Supremacy Tattoo Needles, and much more!



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