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Incredible portrait tattoos from Martin Thornton | Buy a Tattoo Supplies Gift Card online


This week we're taking a look at some of the incredible portrait tattoos done by our extremely talented sponsored artist Martin Thornton.  We're really honoured to have Martin on our team of sponsored artists, and love seeing the work he does each week.  Martin treasures everything about his career as a tattoo artist, and he feels it's more of a passion than a job.  He began tattooing around 6 years ago, with art always being a big part of his life he wanted to ensure he secured a career in the art industry that he loves.  Martin went on to open his tattoo studio Ink Envy in Halesowen, and he's never looked back!

Martin's work has a big following, with clients travelling far and wide to come and get a tattoo from him. He specialises in black and grey tattoos, photo realism and portrait work which he particularly enjoys. He loves to do custom designs from scratch, so if you have an idea you'd like Martin to create then get in touch, as his diary fills up fast.

Although he tattoos a lot of famous faces on his clients, a lot of Martin's tattoos are tribute tattoos, or portraits of beloved family members which make his tattoos extra special.  It's a great idea as a birthday gift for a loved one, to be able to say that you have a tattoo of them on your body for life! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy a Tattoo Supplies Gift Card online, we wanted to share some of the amazing portrait tattoos that Martin has done recently, and we're sure you'll really love them. 

First up, an extra special portrait of a newborn baby.  The wolves that are incorporated into the foreground of this image along with the frame of leaves give this piece a gorgeous touch. 

Next, a wonderful portrait of someone's son.  We love how casual the pose is on this, giving it a really realistic feel.  The rose at the bottom frames it beautifully. 

This one is super-cute!  A little baby girl smiling.  Martin has created the twinkle in her eye which looks so life like. 

Not only does Martin do special portraits of loved ones, but he gets asked to create some tv and pop culture portraits.  This one of Floki from the TV series Vikings is excellent. 

A famous and quite frequently tattooed portrait - Al Pacino in Scarface.  Martin has excelled at this. 

Another gorgeous baby portrait. We're loving those white highlights!

Last but not least, an incredible Uncle Albert piece, from Only Fools and Horses.  Martin has captured his likeness brilliantly. 

So there you have it, some incredible portrait tattoos done by our wonderfully talented Sponsored Artist Martin Thornton.  If you're ever in the Halesowen area then be sure to check out his studio and pay him a visit.  If you're looking to treat that special someone, then why not buy a Tattoo Supplies Gift Card online for them over on our website?



Love Toni

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