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Sensational Sea-Creature Tattoos | Fusion Tattoo Ink Sets

A tattoo theme that seems to be quite popular for some is sea creatures.  There are tonnes of weird and wonderful sea creatures in our oceans, and with millions of species to choose from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing which fascinating creature to have tattooed on you!
Some are colourful, some are menacing, and others are just downright adorable.  Whether you're a fan of seahorses, tropical fish, or even mermaids, we're sure you'll appreciate these fascinating sea-creature tattoos we're about to show you!  As a supplier of Fusion Tattoo Ink Sets, we love checking out bold and beautiful nautical tattoos, so why not check them out here!...

An incredible Octopus tattoo done by Tim Stafford 

We love this old-school Octopus done by Specer Lynch. 

How gorgeous is this blackwork galaxy inspired Jellyfish tattoo?  An incredible piece.

This one is simply stunning!  A beautiful old-school style Jellyfish by Malk Kleinwort.  The colours here are lovely. 

A collaboration between the insanely talented Freddie Albrighton and Rachel Baldwin. This glittery seahorse is super-cute. 

We're completely in awe of this traditional mermaid tattoo done by the talented Brad Ward.  It's clean and bold, and we absolutely love it. 

Done by Rupert Russom, this clownfish piece is stunning. 

A lovely neo-traditional mermaid tattoo done by Danny Taylor. 

We'd love to see some of your sea-creature inspired tattoos, so if you've created any yourselves then please get in touch with us by leaving a comment in the section below!  Whether or not you're a fan of sea-creatures, we're sure you've enjoyed checking out these amazing tattoos done by some incredibly talented artists!  Perhaps you're thinking of creating a nautical tattoo, so if you are then make sure you check out the full range of Fusion Tattoo Ink Sets over on our online store, where you'll find a wealth of amazing colours, perfect for you sea-creature inspired tattoos! 
Love Toni...
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  • Antonia McLoughlin