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Sponsored Artist Appreciation - Mikkel Østberg - Buy Rotary Tattoo Machines online


At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we're proud to sponsor an array of wonderfully talented tattoo artists from around the UK.  All of these skilled artists have their own recognisable styles which makes them really unique, and we're proud to be able to work alongside each and every one of them!  An artist whose work has particularly caught our eye in the recent weeks is Mikkel Østberg, who works at Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour in Dunfermline.  


Mikkel is known for his huge, colourful and super-bold Japanese style pieces that have a neo-traditional twist.  Japanese and neo-traditional are some of our favourite styles of tattooing, so what better than merging the two together?!  As well as this type of style, Mikkel has recently been doing some excellent realistic pieces, so it's great to see that not only is he sticking to his preferred style, but he's branching out into the realms of realism and producing some exceptionally high quality work!  He recently worked at Milano Tattoo Convention which is of course full of some of the best tattoo artists from around the globe, so we can't wait to see the work that Mikkel produced last weekend. 


Mikkel's work frequently features in Skin Deep and Skin Shots magazine, and we'll soon be featuring one of Mikkel's pieces in our up-coming catalogue!  As well as working international tattoo conventions, Mikkel is planning on a guest spot in the U.S, so it's great to see that his work is getting the exposure that it deserves.


Check out some of the incredible tattoos that Mikkel has made recently!:


One of Mikkel's recent pieces - a Tiger and Daruma leg sleeve.  We absolutely love this piece, and the green Daruma is a really unique touch. 


Some more recent work done by Mikkel.  Straying away from his usual Japanese-inspired work, Mikkel also excels in realistic portraits, and this Iron Man piece is an excellent example of Mikkel's sheer talent!


Another example of Mikkel's more recent realistic work is this incredible Muhammad Ali piece.  A beautiful tribute to the boxer - this portrait is a truly perfect piece of work. 


Fantastic Bill the Butcher piece that Mikkel made recently.  His expression is captured perfectly here.  


Mikkel doing what he does best - Japanese-inspired pieces!  This severed head is a wonderful example of Mikkel's typical style. We love the colours that he uses in his Japanese and neo-traditional style pieces. 


One of our all-time favourites by Mikkel - and one that Mikkel favours himself!  A Tibetan Skull hand piece.  Clean, solid, and bold - a signature style of Mikkel's!


We cannot wait to see more of Mikkel's work this year, and really hope he'll be doing some more realistic style pieces!  It's great to see him pushing the boundaries of his work and stepping outside of his usual preferred style, especially as he excels at everything he does!  You can find links to Mikkel's work on the 'Sponsored Artist' page of our website, where you can also buy Rotary tattoo machines online. Don't forget to give his Instagram page @mint_gun_club a follow too! 


Love Toni... 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin