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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Scott Wyness | Radiant Super White


This July we're celebrating the work of an incredibly talented artist who never ceases to amaze us with his stunning tattoo work.  Our Sponsored Artist of the Month goes to Scott Edward Wyness (or Eddy, as we know him as here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies).  Eddy has been on our team of Sponsored Artists for over 2 years now, and with him only joining the tattoo industry just a few years ago, we’ve had the honour of being able to see his work evolve and grow over time as he's molded his signature style and excelled himself by producing some absolutely astounding work. 

Eddy is known for his black and grey realism and his penchant for creating hauntingly dark tattoos. The subject matter quite frequently seen in Eddy's work ranges from Native American woodland creatures, to lady portraits and skulls , and more recently we’ve seen a lot more horror style piece from Eddy.  The ‘Dark Arts’ style that Eddy has adopted works well with his method of tattooing, with lots of shadows and a blackness that results in the most eerily beautiful work. 

Eddy isn’t shy of tattoo conventions and enjoys working some tattoo shows each year, including Tattoo Freeze, Telford, and Wrexham Tattoo Show, where he won an award for Best Small Black and Grey Tattoo.  When we first met Eddy, he worked locally at Lord Nelson Tattoo Studio in Chester, but he’s since spread his wings to open up his own shop 'Alchemy Tattoo Art' in East Lancashire.  A huge fan of Radiant Super White, Eddy uses this brilliant white tattoo ink to create those contrasting white highlights on all of his tattoos, and it's available purchase over at our online store.

If you’re a fan of horror tattoos and dark black and grey work then we're sure you’ll love Eddy's excellent work! Check it out...

First up, a bee-themed sleeve featuring a beautiful portrait of a lady. The hexagonal hive shape running throughout the tattoo is a great touch. 

A fierce tiger piece done by Eddy. Tigers are quite a frequent theme in Eddy's work, and we can see why! 

This backpiece is incredible. Another great example of Eddy's beautifully dark black and grey work.

Edging more into the horror genre, this evil clown is hauntingly exquisite. 

Another horror themed piece, this time in the form of a creepy lower sleeve. 

Lost at Sea. A stunning theme depicting a Kraken attacking a ship. 

The brilliant horror piece that won best Small Black and Grey at Wrexham Tattoo Show. Well done Eddy! 

If you'd like to see more of Eddy's amazing tattoo work then head over to his Instagram page @eddyink9 where you can keep up to date with his latest tattoos and any upcoming conventions that he'll be working. Don’t forget to check out his shop's page as well, and take a look at the other talented artists he works alongside. For all your white highlighting needs, make sure you head over to our online store and get your hands on Radiant Super White tattoo ink, available now.

Love Toni..

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