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Step into Christmas with these Elton John themed Tattoos | TATSoul furniture

This week saw the airing of the much anticipated annual John Lewis Christmas advert. In a bid to outdo all other Christmas television ads, and to outdo itself from the previous year, the John Lewis advert has become a yearly sensation, tugging at the heartstrings of pretty much everyone in the UK. This year is no exception, with a beautiful advert that shows Elton John performing on his piano over the years, eventually showing him as a young boy on Christmas Day, opening his Christmas gift (a giant piano), for the first time ever.

Sir Elton John’s music has spanned over a lifetime, and he’s been blessing us with music since the late 60s. With huge hits like Rocket Man, Crocodile Rock, and Tiny Dancer, Elton John is a national treasure, so it’s no wonder John Lewis recruited him for their ad this year, and it’s even less suprising to see the number of Elton John themed tattoos that are out there!

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock a wide range of TATSoul furniture, we love sharing the cool and crazy tattoos that we find, and we think you’ll really love these amazing Elton John themed tattoos. Check then out.

This tattoo done by Lukov Nikov is our of this world. A pride themed piece that’s full of colour, and of course a smiling Elton John face. Amazing work.

An incredible realistic Elton John tattoo. The pop of blue colour in this is really eye-catching.

Another wonderful Elton John tattoo made by the same artist. This time with a pop of pink colour, Elton is wearing his famous star shaped glasses. Doesn’t he look great! 

A brilliant neo-traditional tattoo done by Jake Hicks. We love the Rocket Man reference here! 

Geary Morill created this crazy abstract Elton John tattoo. The colours used in this are really out there, and it’s probably one of the best Elton John tattoos we’ve ever seen. 

Lastly,  a super cute Rocket Man themed Kewpie tattoo. What a lovely piece of work.

Have you seen the new John Lewis Christmas advert yet? If not, we strongly advise you to watch it! (It's a great way to step into Christmas!...).  If you’re looking to kit out your studio and want to get your hands on some brilliant furniture then make sure you check out our range of TATSoul furniture online today! 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin