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Super-cute Squirrel Tattoos | Black and Grey Tattoo Ink

Autumn is well and truly on the way in the UK right now, and we’ve definitely seen some changes in the weather over the past couple of weeks, with rain, storms, and a lot of wind. All that’s left is for the leaves to turn brown and orange and fall off the trees,  and for a select group of creatures to go into hibernation, and then we can officially declare Autumn 2018. 

A beautiful Autumnal animal that’s a lot easier to spot now the leaves are falling off the trees is the Squirrel. Although squirrels aren’t technically a hibernating animal, they do love to sleep a lot during the winter months, so you may find them stocking up on food supplies in the coming weeks! They’re a wonderful subject matter for tattoos as their tones range from red to orange to brown, and of course there are the notorious grey squirrels (perfect for fans of black and grey tattoo ink!).

We’ve came across some beautiful squirrel tattoos that we wanted to share, especially as we're really getting in to the feel of Autumn!  Check them out!

First up, an absolutely stunning neo traditional squirrel tattoo done by Stefano Giorgi. The little raspberries and mushrooms are a really nice touch in this super-clean piece.

Next up, an incredible tattoo done by Mike Valentin. We love the way this one features an array of colours including grey, orange and brown. 

The colours used in this tattoo by Adam Gardiner are stunning. The reddy orange hues are perfect. 

Another raspberry-holding squirrel done by Kate Velvet. This piece is really intricate and delicate, and is a lovely tattoo. 

A realistic tattoo done by the incredibly talented Emanuel Oliveira. He’s captured the likeness of the Squirrel beautifully. This is definitely one of our favourite tattoos. 

A gorgeous black and grey squirrel tattoo made by Kim Jacobs. What a stunning piece of work! 

This is one of the cutest tattoos we’ve ever seen. A squirrel and his rabbit friend. We love the whole layout of this tattoo and the way everything had been placed. A really lovely piece of work. 

Last but not least, and old school squirrel tattoo by Sy Tattooer. The look on the squirrels face whilst he stares lovingly at his burger is brilliant! 

So there you have it, some sensational squirrel tattoos to get you in the mood for Autumn. Let us know if you’d like to send over any photos of squirrel tattoos that you’ve made. We'd love to check them out.  If you’re a fan of black and grey tattoo ink then make sure you head over to our website and check out our huge selection of grey wash inks. 

Love Toni

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