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Tattoo Conventions worth checking out | Tattoo Studio Supplies

Something that many artists and tattoo fans alike look forward to each year are Tattoo Conventions. There are over 400 Tattoo Conventions held annually worldwide, so there's plenty of choice when it comes to deciding which convention to work at, or to visit! Of course, some conventions are invite only due to the high standard of work the convention wants to exhibit, so it's not always possibly to get on to all conventions, but for many tattoo shows, it's a case of applying early to ensure a place.
Conventions typically offer a large space where artists can showcase their work and tattoo new or existing customers, often offering walk-ups.  It's a great place to advertise work and to meet like-minded people, and all-in-all, conventions are really fun experiences!  There's usually lots of trade stalls which feature an array of interesting products, ranging from hand-made jewellery to taxidermy, and so much more.  There's typically at least one tattoo supplies vendor there, food and drink stalls, and some form of entertainment!  We've been to conventions that feature pyrotechnic performances, bouncy castles, bumper cars, bands, and lots of other forms of entertainment! 
One aspect of Tattoo Conventions that some artists really look forward to are the competitions.  Most conventions feature a number of competition categories that artists can enter into.  For many categories, the tattoo must have been done at the convention, but there are some competitions that allow entrants to put forward work that they've previously completed such as sleeves and back-pieces. The panel of judges often consists of tattoo artists and people who are veterans within the industry, and the winner (the tattoo artist) takes home a Trophy for their efforts. 
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we supply a range of Tattoo Studio Supplies, we've worked at some great tattoo conventions and will be trading at some more later this year, and we have a great pro-team of Sponsored Artists who'll be working at some brilliant conventions this year.  
This weekend is Portsmouth Tattoo Fest, held at the Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth, and our extremely talented Sponsored Artist Troy Tuck will be showcasing his work there.  Troy excels at realistic black and grey tattoos, so we'd highly recommend anyone headed over to Portsmouth this weekend to check out his work. 
An excellent back-piece recently completed by Troy
Another convention that we're really looking forward to in 2 weeks time is Liverpool Tattoo Convention, held at the Adelphi Hotel. As we're based in Runcorn, Cheshire, were only a stones throw away from Liverpool, and we've visited this convention many times over the years!  Four of our extremely talented pro-team artists will be working at Liverpool Tattoo Convention this year, so we can't wait to see the work that they produce there. Danny Edwards, Rachael Rose and Pete Nelson will all be there, so we wish them the best of luck!
           Danny Edwards                                              Pete Nelson

 Ben Carlisle                                                          Rachael Rose
There are so many other brilliant Tattoo Conventions being held this year, and it's not just UK conventions that we're excited about.  A lot of our artists enjoy working at international conventions, tattooing at the likes of Milano Tattoo Convention, Bucharest, and Sweden.  As always, we'll keep you up to date with who's tattooing where so you can make sure you pay your favourite artist a visit if they happen to be in your city!
If you're headed to any Tattoo Conventions this year then why not let us know about it in the comment section?  We love hearing about your experiences and seeing photos from conventions!  If you're in need of any Tattoo Studio Supplies for your upcoming conventions then don't forget to check out our huge range of products on our website. 
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