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Tattoo Lettering: The Art of Meaningful Script Tattoos


If you are looking to get some tattoo lettering added to your skin, it's important to know that not all tattoo fonts are created equal. Some artists prefer certain styles of lettering, while others believe that the meaning behind the text is more important than the style.


Script tattoo - madeyoulook_finn

Script tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Finn Guthrie (@madeyoulook_finn)


It's also important to use an ink that will help make your tattoo lettering look its best. Many artists commonly opt for a standard black tattoo ink to complete their script tattoos. However, some brands have worked hard to formulate inks designed to enhance the artistry of tattoo lettering. Take Intenze Formula 23 tattoo ink for example, after 23 different iterations they finally perfected their formula to create a superior black ink that comes into its own during script tattoos.

Intenze Formula 23 black tattoo ink for tattoo lettering

Formula 23 is not only a great all-round black tattoo ink but, thanks to its fast running properties, particularly excels when it comes to tattoo lettering. If pulling quick lines, the ink easily keeps up with the artist and also wipes away clean to prevent any hassle when removing any excess. This is why it has become the ink of choice for many artists specialising in the art of tattoo lettering.

So what's the secret behind meaningful script tattoos? For some artists, it's all about the style with some preferring a certain type of font or size to others. Others believe that the meaning behind the tattoo is more important than the way it looks. However, when it comes to thinking about what you want your tattoo to say, if you're not fluent in another language, it's probably best to stick with English. Otherwise, you might end up with a script tattoo that has a completely different meaning to what you initially intended!


Family tattoo lettering

Family tattoo lettering by Sponsored Artist, Saint Ink (@saint_ink_)


Plus, like any other tattoo, you should also take plenty of time to decide on the final text and design you want to get before getting inked. If you are set on getting a tattoo in another language, make sure to do your research and find a reputable tattoo artist who is comfortable creating a beautiful and meaningful script tattoo for you. 

Tattoo lettering can also form a key part of many tattoo designs and the combining of text with images can create a particularly powerful piece of artwork. Tattoo lettering can be used to express something deeply personal, or to simply make a statement. However, whatever your reasons for wanting a script tattoo, make sure to find the perfect font and style for you as this can really effect the overall 'mood' of your tattoo. It is also important to consider during the design process that one day the writing may become illegible if the letters are placed too tightly together.


Star Wars script tattoo

Princess Leia tattoo with text by Sponsored Artist, Jessica Brown (@jessicabrowntattoo)


Finally, always double check the spelling and grammar before getting inked! There is nothing worse than a permanent spelling error that completely alters the original meaning of your tattoo.

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  • Sarah Crookes