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Terrific Toy Story Tattoos | buy Spirit Green Thermal Transfer Paper online

One of the greatest Disney Pixar movies ever made is Toy Story. Undoubtedly! The animated film was first released in 1995 (which seems like a lifetime ago!), and it was a real game changer for Disney. Centred around the joys of childhood, nostalgia, and friendship, Toy Story features some really beloved characters that no matter what your age is, you can really love and appreciate them. 

There have since been 2 more Toy Story films, and a 4th one is on the way, set to be released in June 2019. Pixar is calling the new film a "standalone" adventure/love story, which will based around the search for Bo Peep, when she devastatingly gets sold at as yard sale. 

Toy Story tattoos are certainly not uncommon, and we’ve seen loads of amazing tributes to this fantastic movie, in the form of realism, traditional, and much more. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Spirit Green Thermal Transfer Paper online, we love seeing a good Disney tattoo, especially when it’s a Toy Story one, so why not join us and take a look at these terrific Toy Story tattoos! 

We love this Lotso tattoo done by Eva Tattoo. Although he was a baddie, he was still a really important character, and this tattoo is absolutely amazing. 

Done by Jaz Winters, everyone’s favourite Toy Story character Woody! A lovely intricate piece.

An insane tattoo by CoolcoolPikka! We really like the cute and unique style of this tattoo. 

Done by the super-talented Little Rach tattoo. One of our favourites – an Alien from the grab machine! 

By Redlip tattoo. Slinky, one of the beloved characters form Toy Story. Again, we really love the style that this tattoo has been made in. Beautiful work.

‘I am Mrs Nebitt!’. A hilarious scene from Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear done by Nikki Rex. 

Another Alien piece, done by Mike Blanco. ‘The Claw!...’ A brilliant scene from Toy Story. 

A lovely tribute to Woody by Ryan Kirby. It’s nice to see a black and grey Toy Story piece, and this one is simple yet beautiful. 

We hope all of you Toy Story fans have enjoyed looking at these incredible Toy Story themed tattoos. We’re sure that the release of next year’s Toy Story 4 will see even more Toy Story tattoos being created, and we’re really excited to see the new characters that Pixar has to offer!  If you’d like to share a Toy Story tattoo that you’ve made then don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below.  If you’re searching for Vegan friendly carbon paper then make sure you head over to our store where you can buy Spirit Green Thermal Transfer Paper online. 

Love Toni

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