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The best aftercare for eyebrow Microblading tattoos? | SPMU Dry Heal Serum


Cosmetic tattooing is forever growing in popularity, and right now it's absolutely huge!  One of the most popular treatments for women, (and men) at the moment is microblading.  Microblading is a really meticulous tattooing process for those wanting a semi-permanent solution to sparse or none-existant eyebrows. A tiny blade is used to deposit ink throughout the brow area, into the upper layers of skin, which results in a natural-looking filler that lasts between 1-3 years.  It's the perfect solution for anyone who is sick of the laborious task of penciling in their eyebrows everyday, and great if you want your natural eyebrows to have more definition and depth to them!

I recently had microblading myself, as my natural eyebrows were pretty faint due to over-plucking when I was younger.  Although I was expecting it to hurt, the procedure was completely painless, and the results were great, so I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to find a resolution to over-plucked eyebrows.

Although microblading is still a form of tattooing, it's completely different to the usual tattoo process, as no tattoo machines are involved, no needles or power supplies - just ink, and a blade.  So, in theory, it's a similar process in that ink is penetrated into the skin, however, with normal tattoos, the ink is penetrated into the second layer of skin (the dermis), whereas the microblading process involves penetrating the top layer of skin (the dermis), so naturally, a different aftercare approach needs to be taken for each procedure.

At Magnum Tattoo supplies, our post-tattoo products have ranged from tattoo aftercare, to laser creams, and piercing solutions, but recently due to the rise in cosmetic tattooing, we've began stocking microblading aftercare serum.  From the brainpower that brought us Fade the Itch tattoo aftercare, the guys at the Cambridge Clinic have delved into the cosmetic-tattoo industry to create the perfect solution for microblading aftercare - SPMU Dry Heal Serum.   SPMU Dry Heal Serum is a patented combination of ingredients that aid healing after the microblading treatment. It alleviates healing and protects against infection, restoring the skin's natural mantle.  It doesn't block the pores, and it keeps the skin completely hydrated, which is really important as it can become so dry during the healing process!  It's an excellent serum that's already proving to be a huge hit in the microblading industry, and we'd highly recommend it to anyone in need of microblading aftercare, and to those who work as microblade artists, as it's the best possible aftercare lotion to give to your clients afterwards.    

We'd love to hear from anyone who's thinking of undergoing microblading!  Don't forget to leave us a message in the comments section - and make sure you check out the incredible SPMU Dry Heal Serum at our online store today!


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