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Welcome to our new Sponsored Artist - Danny Taylor | Buy the Radiant Tattoo Ink Traditional Set online


At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we pride ourselves in supporting a brilliant team of sponsored artists who all have a unique style and talent, and we're very pleased to welcome another new artist to our pro team. This week, we're proud to announce our new sponsored artist -
Danny Taylor.

Danny began his tattooing career on the Wirral in 2012, specialising in Traditional and Neo-traditional tattoos.  A year later he moved to Berlin, Germany where he expanded his experience as an artist and also traveled to lots of different countries to work at international tattoo conventions, picking up an array of awards. 
Danny has since settled back on the Wirral at The Inkwell Tattoo Studio in Oxton Village, however he's still a keen traveller and visits Beckum, Germany every year for a week-long guest spot.  He also hopes to visit even more countries in the near future so he can do some guest spots and conventions in places he hasn't already visited.

Danny's work consists of bold traditional tattoos, along with some amazing neo-traditional pieces. If you're a fan of old school tattoos then why not check out our website where you can buy the Radiant Tattoo Ink Traditional Set online?  If like us, you love trad tattoos then we're sure you'll also love Danny's incredible work - so make sure you check it out!..

First up, a pair of Jordan 4 Toro Bravos. Danny loves trainers, and is always keen to create them in tattoo form.  He's produced some insane trainer tattoos which are definitely worth checking out. 

A bright and bold trad style fortune teller lady. We love the colours Danny has used in this piece.  (Radiant, of course). 

A set of matching traditional roses for a mother and daughter.  Sometimes the simplest tattoos are the most stunning. 

Danny has created some really solid palm tattoos over the years, and they always hold really well.  This bold scorpion piece is an excellent example of Danny's solid work. 

This piece is gorgeous!  A stunning old school ship tattoo, framed perfectly with a rope.  We're loving the faded sunset here. 

One of our favourites - an incredible neo-traditional ODB piece.

"The worst thing about prison was the Dementors".  An amazing Prison Mike tattoo done by Danny.  We love his neo-traditional portraits. 

This hourglass is insane! The perfect traditional piece featuring some really cool details inside the hourglass. 

This has to be one of our all-time favourite pieces by Danny.  The glow of the sun on this guy's face is a great touch. A phenomenal piece of work. 

We hope you've enjoyed admiring Danny's incredible work as much as we have.  If you'd like to see more of Danny's tattoos and keep up to date with any conventions or guest spots he has in the pipeline then make sure you head over to his Instagram page and give him a follow - @dannytaylortattoo. If you're a fan of trad tattoos and are looking for the perfect tattoo ink to create them with, then check out our webstore where you can buy the Radiant Tattoo Ink Traditional Set online, which consists of 5 stunning old school inspired colours - including Candy Red, Sienna, Medium Green, Electric Blue, and Mango Yellow. 



Love Toni

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