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Glastonbury tattoo gallery: Celebrities debut climate-themed tattoos 


As the world becomes more conscious of our climate and environment, celebrities are finding innovative ways to make their mark on the fight against climate change. This year at the Glastonbury festival, the stars did more than just light up the stage; they designed tattoo ideas, fit for any tattoo studio, to showcase their dedication to protecting our planet.

Celebrity climate tattoos emerged as a remarkable trend, etching a unique blend of artistry and advocacy into the iconic festival. These tattoos are not just symbols of personal commitment but a powerful call to action designed to inspire millions.

In this blog, we take a closer look at this compelling trend, exploring its influence and diving into some of the most impactful and visually striking climate tattoo designs that graced Glastonbury.


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Understanding climate-themed tattoos and WaterAid’s climate campaign

Climate-themed tattoos unveiled at the festival carry significant symbolism. From intricate designs of endangered animals to motifs of melting glaciers, each inked artwork signifies the urgency of climate change.

Parallelly, WaterAid's climate campaign targets increased public awareness and mobilisation for preserving our environment. The campaign urges immediate action against global warming, pollution, and water scarcity. The emergence of climate-themed tattoos from high-profile celebrities is a powerful visual reminder of the campaign's goals, amplifying its reach and impact.

Climate-themed tattoos at Glastonbury

Peace, love, and water

Glastonbury Festival witnessed an array of striking climate-themed tattoos. Notably, legendary Beatles drummer and long-term WaterAid supporter, Ringo Starr, designed a tattoo bearing the phrase "Peace, love, and water". His tattoo idea encapsulates the urgent need for water conservation in the face of climate change, aligning perfectly with WaterAid's mission.

Starr passionately explained his climate-themed design, saying, "I believe every human on the planet deserves clean water. As a long-term supporter of WaterAid, I’m excited to share my climate-themed design. Please join me and WaterAid in their campaign to bring clean water to all – let’s change the world together. Peace, love, and water. Ringo.”

His tattoo design and its poignant message underscored the profound connection between peace, love, and the universal right to clean water. The intertwining of these concepts resonates with WaterAid's climate campaign, spotlighting the critical importance of water conservation in tackling climate change.

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Crazy what can water do

Another memorable addition to the Glastonbury tattoo gallery came from singer Becky Hill, who performed on the Other Stage on Sunday evening. Known for her collaboration with David Guetta on the top ten track "Crazy What Love Can Do", Hill used her tattoo design to highlight a critical issue related to water.

Hill's tattoo design reads, "Crazy what water can do". This powerful statement is a clever play on her song title and emphasises the immense potential and vital role clean water plays in transforming lives. It draws attention to the fact that a reliable source of clean water can liberate individuals, particularly women and girls, from the daily struggle of fetching water over long distances.

This chore not only consumes valuable time but often results in the collection of dirty water that could cause illness. Hill's tattoo idea, therefore, serves as a potent reminder of the importance of clean water accessibility for all, and the transformative changes it can usher in.

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The tide is high, clean it up now

Yet another celebrity lending her voice to the cause was Blondie's lead singer, Debbie Harry. Known for her punk-inspired aesthetic, Harry graced the iconic Pyramid Stage on Sunday evening with two unique tattoo ideas. One of them was a clever reimagining of the lyrics of Blondie's 1980 hit, "The Tide Is High".

Her tattoo design reads, "The tide is high, clean it up now", a grim reminder of the harsh reality of climate change. Rising sea levels, exacerbated by global warming, pose a grave threat to vulnerable coastal regions. In places like Bangladesh, the ingress of saltwater is contaminating drinking water sources and rendering farmland unusable. This environmental catastrophe is obliterating people's livelihoods and disrupting entire communities.


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Harry elaborated on her support for WaterAid’s Our Climate Fight campaign, stating, “One in ten people worldwide live without access to clean water – that’s just wrong on every level. This basic human right is unavailable, and it’s getting harder for those most at risk due to the growing climate crisis. I’m supporting WaterAid’s Our Climate Fight campaign as we can fight this injustice together and protect people and our planet.”

Her tattoo idea, thus, serves as a powerful symbol of the urgent need to combat the escalating climate crisis and to ensure universal access to clean water.

Droughts out, floods suck

Adding to the impactful lineup of climate-themed tattoos was a thought-provoking design from comedian and actor Doc Brown, who performed in the theatre and circus fields. His tattoo design captures the grim reality of how climate change affects people's access to water.

Brown's tattoo encapsulates the phrase, "Droughts out, floods suck". This statement powerfully illustrates how extreme weather events, like severe droughts and devastating floods, impact water availability.

Droughts can dry out wells and springs, making it harder for people to access water for their needs, including farming and animal care. On the other hand, floods can contaminate water sources and destroy existing water systems, counteracting efforts made to provide clean water to those who need it the most.

In his support for WaterAid’s Our Climate Fight campaign, Brown says, “Whether we like it or not, we’re seeing more and more extreme weather events around the world each year, and nearly all of these impact access to water for the most vulnerable communities. I’m supporting WaterAid’s Our Climate Fight campaign with my design, so together we can support those on the front line of the climate crisis.”

His tattoo underscores the stark reality of climate change and its detrimental effect on water access, especially for the most vulnerable communities.

Water is life

Actor and activist Cel Spellman, too, used his platform at Glastonbury to advocate for clean water access through his tattoo. His design succinctly summarises the essence of WaterAid's mission with the powerful statement, "Water is life."

Access to clean water can profoundly impact people's lives. It contributes to health, safety, and opportunities for education and earning a living. When communities have reliable access to clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene, they can thrive, empowered to take control of their futures. This provision can lead to transformative changes, fostering strength, dignity, and hope.

However, climate change, with its consequential extreme weather events, poses a severe threat to this vision. For the 771 million people worldwide without a reliable source of clean water, life becomes even more challenging.

Spellman's tattoo, therefore, serves as a poignant reminder and review of the dire need to address the climate crisis. It also underscores the urgent necessity to provide all people with clean, accessible water - a fundamental resource that truly symbolises life.

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Impact of climate-themed tattoos and WaterAid’s climate campaign

The climate-themed tattoos showcased by celebrities at the Glastonbury Festival have not only gained attention for their unique designs but have also sparked critical conversations about climate change and environmental issues. These tattoo ideas act as a link between art and activism.

Tattoos, being a personal and lasting form of expression, have a unique ability to stimulate dialogue and engagement, and these climate-themed tattoos have done just that.

The powerful statements and visuals depicted in the tattoos are stark reminders of the ongoing environmental crises and the urgent need for action. They have effectively served as conversation starters, prompting wider public discourse on climate change and its devastating effects, particularly concerning water scarcity and pollution.

This Glastonbury tattoo gallery has also contributed to a shift in public perception of climate change, presenting it as an immediate and personal issue rather than a distant problem. By doing so, they have generated increased awareness and support for environmental activism, encouraging more people to join the fight against climate change.


The powerful tattoos showcased by celebrities at Glastonbury Festival have not only gained attention for their unique designs and ideas, but they've also served as a reminder of the urgent need to address climate change and its devastating effects.

By sparking critical conversations about environmental security issues, these climate-themed tattoos have effectively encouraged more people to join the fight against climate change. As we navigate this new page of awareness and advocacy, this trend of climate-themed tattoos holds promise for the future of environmental advocacy.

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