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Brilliant Breaking Bad Tattoos | Buy Blue Tattoo Ink online


Last month we saw the highly anticipated release of 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' that fans of Walter White have been eagerly waiting for.  Breaking Bad sees family man and science teacher Walter White spiral into a world of drugs and gangsters when he begins to cook crystal meth to earn money for his family following his cancer diagnosis. Following on from breaking bad, El Camino focuses on Walt's sidekick Jesse Pinkman after his escape from captivity, and his attempts at piecing his life back together after Walt. 

Breaking Bad racked up millions of fans, with adoring viewers rooting for Walt and Jessie, despite all of the wrong doings and immoralities committed by Walt especially. No matter how many times he betrayed his family, or how many lives he ruined, fans developed a die-hard loyalty to Walt throughout the show, right down to the very end where he lay dying in the Nazi's meth factory, surrounded by all of his equipment. 

So, its not surprising that there are so many adoring fans with some form of Breaking Bad themed tattoo. Whether it's in the form of a portrait, the 'BR, BA' chemical elements, or a famous line such as 'I am the one who knocks', there are tonnes of great ways to incorporate a Breaking Bad tattoo into your life. 


At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy blue tattoo ink online (a rather fitting colour), we're huge fans of Breaking Bad, and we wanted to share some of the most breath-taking Breaking Bad tattoos that we've ever seen.  Take a look...


A clean-shaven Walter White wearing the infamous yellow suit that he wears to 'cook'.  Artist unknown


This black and grey Gus Fring tattoo is excellent.  A character who at first doesn't seem all bad, but then pretty soon turns out to be quite sinister... Artist unknown

This Breaking Bad-themed leg sleeve looks insane.  Featuring Hector's bell that eventually caused Gus's fateful death.  Artist unknown

We really warmed to Mike Ehrmantraut's character. He may be a bit of a baddie who's beaten up Walt, but he definitely has a heart.  Artist unknown

Walt with his camper van - where it all started, wearing his treasured bowler hat.  A stunning black and grey piece. Artist unknown

We love this phenomenal Walter White tattoo, featuring the 'BR, BA' element signs.  Gorgeous work for a dedicated fan. Artist unknown

The one and only Jesse Pinkman, possibly from the scene where he reluctantly shoots Gale. Artist unknown

This Lego-themed Breaking Bad tattoo is amazing!  A light-hearted take on a pretty heavy show.  Incredible work. Artist unknown

Last but not least, a picture perfect tattoo of Walter White done by the master himself Nikko Hurtado. 

If you're a die-hard Breaking Bad fan then why not get in touch with us to show us your Breaking Bad tattoos?  Whether Jesse is your guy, or if you're loyal to Walt no-matter what, we'd love to see your Breaking Bad tribute tatts!  Leave us a comment in the box below and get in touch.  Don't forget, if like Walt you want to find the perfect shade of blue, then make sure you head over to our webstore where you can buy blue tattoo ink online. 


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  • Antonia McLoughlin