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Floral Tattoos and Why They Make For a Timeless Tattoo Design


There is something about floral tattoos that just make them timeless. Maybe it's the fact that they are so versatile and can be adapted to suit any style or taste. Or maybe it's the way flowers come in such a wide variety of shapes and colours. Whatever it is, floral tattoos have been popular for decades and show no sign of declining in popularity.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most popular floral tattoo designs and why people choose to get them. Of course, to ensure that your artwork remains a timeless tattoo design for years to come, you will need some great tattoo aftercare. Be sure to also check out our aftercare collection page to get your hands on a balm or ointment to help keep your floral tattoos in bloom.

Red floral tattoo

Floral tattoo by Sponsored Artist, David O'Neill (@davidoneilltattooer)

One of the most popular flowers for tattoos is the rose. Roses are timeless symbols of love and beauty and make for a stunning tattoo design. Roses can be used to create a very feminine tattoo or a more masculine one, depending on the style of the rose and how it is incorporated into the design. Roses are also perfect for adding a splash of colour to a tattoo and can be easily combined with other flowers or elements to create a truly stunning and unique piece.

Colourful floral tattoo

Rose stack tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Finn Guthrie (@madeyoulook_finn)

Another timeless favourite is the lotus flower. The lotus has a range of different meanings in different cultures but is generally seen as a symbol of purity, rebirth and new beginnings. Lotus flowers make for beautiful tattoos, especially when combined with watercolour or mandala style designs. They can also be easily incorporated into larger pieces as part of a more detailed design.

Lotus mandala floral tattoo

Lotus mandala tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Emma Beech (@emmabeechtattoo)

Detailed images of peonies can also often be found featured in good floral designs. They are often considered a symbol of good fortune and make for a beautiful tattoo design, especially in soft, feminine colours. Like a lot of these other popular flower tattoos, peonies can be easily combined with other flowers or elements to create a pretty and timeless tattoo design.

Floral peony tattoo

Peony tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Jessica Brown (@jessicabrowntattoo)

Sunflower tattoo designs are also timeless and have a range of different meanings. For some, the sunflower is a symbol of happiness and positivity, for others it represents loyalty and strength. Sunflowers make for beautiful tattoos, especially when done in a watercolour or realistic style. They can be incorporated into larger pieces or stand alone as a small and simple tattoo. Black and grey floral tattoos, like the one featured below, are especially impressive and will no doubt look stunning for years to come.

Floral sunflower tattoo

Sunflower tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Kristopher Taylor (@kristophertaylor13)

Overall, if you are looking for a truly timeless tattoo design, then consider going floral. These type of tattoos designs are suitable for both men and women and can be adapted to suit any style. Plus, with so many different flowers to choose from, you can create a design that is truly unique and personal to you. With the right care, your floral tattoo will age well and look just as beautiful as the day you got it. Take a look at our aftercare collection to find the right balm to heal your latest tattoo and keep it looking timeless forever.

Black outline floral tattoo

Floral mandala tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Georgie Gibbs (@georgiietattoos)

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  • Sarah Crookes